Saturday, February 7, 2009

Halfway There

So today I hit my 20 week mark.  I'm officially halfway done.  I can't believe how fast it is going and here is my belly pic for the week.


I can feel the baby move a lot now, which is the best part of being pregnant, I think.  I felt the baby kick from the outside once, but Andy hasn't felt it yet.  I feel like he'd have to sit with his hands on my belly all day because the baby's movements are so random.  

Tonight I realized just how different my life has become since getting KU.  After my cousin's rehearsal dinner tonight, I usually would have hopped in a cab and spent the night in the city dancing and drinking with my girlfriends.  However, tonight I was home by 10pm!  My nights didn't used to start until now.  I guess it's good practice for the many  nights I'll be spending at home taking care of a newborn.  My sister promised me a night of margarita's after the baby is born...Lord knows I could use a stiff drink!  


Jessie said...

E, you look so cute!! i cannot wait until your appointment :)

Leannabanna said...

You look great, E! And ditto on the life changes, it is 1045 on a saturday night right now and I am home for the night! Yay, for halfway!

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