Sunday, February 1, 2009

Watch Me Grow

So as of yesterday I am 19 weeks pregnant.  I can't believe how fast it's going!  I also can't believe that I'm almost halfway finished.  I am officially wearing only maternity pants now and I bought some maternity tops yesterday too.  Andy came with me and he was so cute.  I was in the dressing room and he kept bringing me more and more things to try on because he said I looked like such a cute pregnant lady.  I wound up buying 3 pairs of jeans, 2 work pants, 1 pair of cargo pants, 4 tops, a pair of leggings, and a pair of tights.  This combined with all of the t-shirts my cousin gave me I should be good for a while.  I'm def looking pregnant these days and not just bloated, my belly is also getting (and staying) round and hard.  I'm putting in some belly pics to show how I've grown through the weeks.  It's from weeks 15-19 respectively. 


I'm going to post an updated belly pic every week from now on, especially since now there's actually something to see. 


Bee said...

You look so cute, E!!

Leannabanna said...

You look really great!

ler4ik said...

Very cute bump!

Mrs.Pink said...


Jessie said...

cute bump!! i can't wait to see more pics!

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