Monday, March 30, 2009

What I Miss and What I Love

So this post is going to be a list of sorts...divided, as are my moods lately, into things I miss doing and things I love about being pregnant.

Things I Miss
  • Pants with buttons
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Going dancing
  • Not having people stare at my belly
  • Caffeine 
  • Pooping on a regular basis
  • Not having to carry around Tums with me at all time due to raging heartburn
Things I Love
  • Feeling Isabella move, punch, kick and roll
  • Being able to see her move
  • How every time Andy puts his face to my belly she kicks him (that's my girl)
  • Thinking that in less then 13 weeks I'll be holding my baby
  • Getting to eat like a piggy and no one judging you
  • Massages from Andy
  • The amped up sex drive of 2nd tri that will hopefully last well into the 3rd (a girl can hope right?)
  • Baby clothes, especially the tiny frilly little dresses.


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