Monday, April 13, 2009

Update from the Doc

So I just got back from the doctor. Unfortunately not my reg doc, but another one in the practice who is very difficult to understand b/c he has a thick German accent. He gave me the fFn test and an internal u/s. The fFn was no biggie, just like a pap. The internal showed my cervix was still measuring 2.8 cm, which means it hasn't shortened any more since Tuesday, which is very good news. He told me to take it easy and that the results would be in tomorrow for the fFn. He said he would be surprised if it came back positive. When I go back on May 5th my reg doc will check again with an internal u/s and if it's shortened any more I'll have another fFn. He told me that as long as it doesn't shorten to 2.5 cm I'm ok. So at least there's some good news.

My interview went really well. It was with two ladies from the Edison Board of Ed. Unfortunately they don't know what positions are available for next year, so it's still a waiting game. Tomorrow I'm going to start sending out my resume to other school districts near my house.


TennisWife815 said...

Glad to hear everything seems to be ok, but I'll keep my fingers crossed just to be sure the test comes out negative.

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