Thursday, May 28, 2009

How far along?  35w5d

Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds
How much does baby weigh? Close to 6lbs I would say
Stretch Marks? None 
Sleep?  I'm wondering if I'll ever sleep through the night again 
Best moment this week: My Memorial Day BBQ.  I could only referee the beer pong, but it was still lots of fun. 
Movement:  She needs to calm down a bit...she's all over the place.  My ribs, my hips, my sides.  
Food Cravings? Pizza, but this is nothing new
Labor signs? More intense BH contractions but nothing major yet
Belly button in or out?  Popped and so gross
What I miss? Not having to carry around a zip lock baggie full of tums for my terrible heart burn
What I'm looking forward to? Not being pregnant anymore
Milestone: My 35/35

I had to crop out my head in my belly pics this week because I had just gotten back from a pre-natal yoga class and my hair was a mess and I was wearing my glasses and it was a sad sight


Saturday, May 16, 2009

34 Weeks and Birthday Update!


My bump is super high!!! Oh and don't mind my messy hair, it was pouring out tonight when we left the restaurant. 

How far along?  34 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 16 pounds
How much does baby weigh? 5 lbs as of last week, who knows how much now.  
Stretch Marks? None (Thank God for small blessings)
Sleep?  I've actually had a few good nights this past week where I've slept straight through
Best moment this week: My delicious birthday dinner and pre-natal massage (more about that later)
Movement:  She's definitely falling into patterns.  She's very active around 7 am, noon, 4 pm, and again around dinner time, and at midnight.  Those seem to be her most active times.  
Food Cravings? Nothing really
Labor signs? My cervix hasn't shortened any more and we don't need to keep checking which is great because those transvaginal u/s were a killer 
Belly button in or out?  I'm afraid I have to admit that it's popped
What I miss? When my belly was little and cute and not all huge and veiny and adorned with a popped belly button 
What I'm looking forward to? Being able to have sex in the missionary position again
Milestone: Going to the doc every two weeks now

So today is my 27th birthday and I'm having a fantastic weekend.  Last night I went to Counter, which used to be my favorite restaurant in the East Village, but they got a new chef and they changed the menu and I wasn't thrilled about the changes.  But all my best girlfriends came and I always love spending time with them.  Then we just walked around in the city and got some dessert at a cafe.  It was a really great night.

Then this morning Andy and I went out to breakfast and then he took me for a surprise pre-natal massage which was heavenly.  I'm just really glad that I was wearing underwear b/c I didn't know I was getting one lol.  Then we came home and  he gave me a foot massager/spa type thing.  It was really sweet of him since I'm always complaining how badly my feet hurt.  Then we went out to a really nice and long dinner.  We just got home.  It was just the perfect weekend and I still have tomorrow, although I do need to finish my thesis by Monday so It's a good thing that I had lots of fun these past few days.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big Baby

I went to the doc's yesterday and got an u/s. We had a craptastic u/s tech who didn't explain anything to us or show anything or give us any pictures. Boo! Isabella is measuring big. 5lbs in the 70th percentile. She's measuring almost two weeks ahead of schedule. She told me that sugar will make the baby grow so she wants me to cut sugar and cut back on carbs to help curb the baby's growth. I'm scared...I don't want to push out a 9lb'er nor do I want her to grow so big that I have to have a C-section. And she has such cute newborn outfits lol. Hopefully the u/s wasn't that accurate and I won't have to give birth to a giant baby that will rip apart my vag.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

32 Week Update

How far along?  32w1d
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds
How much does baby weigh? I'd say close to 4 pounds
Stretch Marks? Nope and trust me I check like crazy
Sleep?  Getting more and more difficult each day
Best moment this week: Seeing my whole belly contort and roll as she switched positions.  It was really cool and a little freaky at the same time
Movement:  She's starting to hurt, especially when she gets all up in my ribs
Food Cravings? French toast
Labor signs? My cervix has yet to shorten any more as far as I know, I'll find out for sure on Tuesday.  
Belly button in or out?  When I sit it pokes out a little bit, but only on one side.  
What I miss? High heels! I went to a bridal shower today and everyone had on such cute shoes.  
What I'm looking forward to? Not being pregnant anymore and getting to hold my little girl
Milestone: Putting the stroller, the jogger, bassinet, swing, and pack and play together by myself...who needs a man?