Sunday, May 3, 2009

32 Week Update

How far along?  32w1d
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds
How much does baby weigh? I'd say close to 4 pounds
Stretch Marks? Nope and trust me I check like crazy
Sleep?  Getting more and more difficult each day
Best moment this week: Seeing my whole belly contort and roll as she switched positions.  It was really cool and a little freaky at the same time
Movement:  She's starting to hurt, especially when she gets all up in my ribs
Food Cravings? French toast
Labor signs? My cervix has yet to shorten any more as far as I know, I'll find out for sure on Tuesday.  
Belly button in or out?  When I sit it pokes out a little bit, but only on one side.  
What I miss? High heels! I went to a bridal shower today and everyone had on such cute shoes.  
What I'm looking forward to? Not being pregnant anymore and getting to hold my little girl
Milestone: Putting the stroller, the jogger, bassinet, swing, and pack and play together by myself...who needs a man?


Leannabanna said...

Woo Hoo, go E! You sound just like me. I want everything done NOW and C wants to wait... so I do it myself!
You look great.. ALL baby! Lucky girl!

Mrs.Pink said...

OMG you are still all belly! How cute! And I can relate to the whole french toast craving! Never wanted it as much as I do these days! Looking good girl!

lady gray said...

you are looking gorgeous, E!

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