Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Hate My Boobs

I've always hated my boobs. From 5th-7th grade I hated my boobs because they were non-existent. Then in 8th grade I hated them because they went from -A to D in a few months and all the boys teased me and the girls were mean to me and accused me of "stuffing" (bitches). Then in high school and college I hated them because they attracted a lot of negative attention from immature guys. I can't tell you how many conversations guys have had with my nipples instead of my face. Clothes don't fit right and I get lower back aches.

Now I hate these damn boobies because they're not making milk like they're supposed to. I mean as big as they are you'd think they would be swollen with such luck. From the beginning my supply was so low. We're supplementing with formula, which I know is not conducive to building a supply so keep the lectures to yourself you breast feeding know it alls. So I just keep nursing, pumping, eating tons of oatmeal (gag), and supplementing in order to make a plump happy baby.

Oh, and I want new boobs. Smaller more effective ones =)


Leannabanna said...

I completly understand what you are going through. COMPLETLY!!! You know where to find me if you need to vent about this or to swap secrets... hang in there, you are doing what is right for your baby, and that is all that matters.

lady gray said...

oatmeal? i do not know about oatmeal tricks...
whatever happens, i am rooting for you E (and your boobs.)

rhealyn said...

I think we are in the same boat, sometimes i am amazed how people want breast augmentation to make it bigger and some desire to had breast reduction. Click here.

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