Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting To Know You

Isabella is growing up so fast and she's quickly forming her very own personality. She likes to be held and snuggled only to a degree and then she likes to kick back in her boppy and hang, but she wants you to still talk to her. I think she's going to be independent.

She likes what she likes. She won't take a pacifier. Seriously, when you put it in her mouth she scrunches up her face like you just gave her rat poisoning. She won't suck on it, she just kind of plays with it in her mouth and then gets super pissed off. What she will suck on is an upside down pinky (a tip from an LC at the hospital). So she loves to suck but only on my pinky, which is terribly inconvenient.

She loves mobiles of any kind and will stare at them as long as you let her.

She's not into lullabies and classical music. She likes Michael Jackson and various other pop songs. She's gonna be very hip.

She loves the water. The bath and the pool. Bath time is my favorite time of day. Andy actually asked me if he would ever get to give her a bath ever again. I haven't decided yet.

My little girl is becoming her very own little person and I love getting to know her.


Anonymous said...

we used a great sleep sack for swaddle weaning (our LO didn't deswaddle very easiy) but loved this
peke moe-
hope that helps!

Mommynightowl said...

congrats on her! she is beautiful. I love that she loves pop music.

at that age, my daughter hated being naked and more so hated the bath. She would scream bloody murder until she was fully clothed again. Now she takes 20-45min baths and runs around the house naked.

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