Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chicks Lie

I'm sorry but it's so true. Every father of a baby that I speak too, which is basically anyone who looks like they have a baby, have a baby in the family, or might have been a baby at some point, (hey I'm on a quest here) will tell me horror stories about how their kid didn't sleep through the night until they were 6 months or how they cried for hours and hours on end or how it took the Roman army to get their kid to sleep at night or how they swore up and down that they would never have another baby.

However, when I ask their wives or girlfriends, or just a random mom in general I get the same response. "Oh, my little one sttn by the time s/he was six weeks old." Really? So all of your babies sttn without a problem or a peep? Interesting.

I get why they do it. I'm sympathetic to their cause. They feel that if they can't get their baby to go to sleep and stay asleep that they are bad mothers. Or they want to make other mothers feel inadequate or jealous (that's only for the meanies out there).

I've never felt the need to lie about Bella's sleep or lack of sleep or the trauma it takes to put her to sleep. It doesn't make me a bad mother! It makes her a bad baby ;)

But if I'm counting my blessings, since I read The No Cry Sleep Solution, things have gotten a lot better. She'll go down around 7:30/ 8:00 and sleep until 6 or 7 am waking up once for a bottle around 2 and maybe around 4 to be soothed. It's not perfect, especially when Andy and I are both working or when he's on midnights and I'm flying solo, but this is the stage that we're at right now. It's just so damn difficult to get her to sleep. Walking and rocking and sucking forever. I'm trying to break her of that suck to sleep association, but it aint easy let me tell you. See, I told you I wasn't scared to tell the truth. The great thing is is that she doesn't really fuss or cry except at bed/nap time or when she's hungry. She'll never fuss or cry for no reason. Which I'm very grateful for.


Neuffj said...

I LOVE the title of your post. Dropping in from SITS, and solely based on that... I'm becoming a follower. I love brutal honesty! Happy Saturday Sharefest! The Neuff

Jaque Macpherson said...

Stopping by from SITS to wish you a great weekend!!

Mrs.Pink said...

Love it! You are so right! I hope that things start to calm down for you at bed time with her. I refuse to give Lillian a paci for that very same suck/sleep association. I think I have to throw them away because everyone around here wants to give it to her. I say "ARE you going to stay over when it falls out 50 million times a night and stick it back in her mouth?" No, then don't touch the damn thing!
Curious what that book says that you read.

*Bee* said...

Kate was a horror at bedtime, too. I feel ya. She would cry for 3 hours and nothing we did would get her to go to sleep. Just recently she stopped doing that and will go to bed by 9 instead of 11. We had the opposite paci problem - we were trying to do it without and it didn't work. Giving it to her cut 2 hours out of our nighttime hell. Isabella will get it all figured out, and for your sake I hope it is soon. You're right - you're not a bad mommy, you're doing an awesome job!

TennisWife815 said...

I totally hear you. And then we finally get him to STTN and it lasted 2 weeks. The night before I went back to work he regressed back to waking up 1 to 3 times a night.

GL!! And you're not alone.

Ashleigh Thomson said...

The people I've asked say they have had sleep issues...So any chick who says she hasn't with her LO is probably lying! It makes me mad to think there are women who would do it just to feel superior. Blah. You're doing a good job though! Keep it up! :)

Lyr said...

They do? About their kids, really? I don’t think it has anything to do with the mom! Though I can see why they might think so. It has to do with the baby and their temperament. I also believe it has A LOT to do with their birth and nothing to do with the mommy at all. Don’t get me wrong, chicks lie and they do it to make themselves look better. But I think everyone does that.

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