Monday, September 21, 2009

My Poor Baby Is Sick

So for the past couple of days Isabella has been really out of sorts, crying, not napping well and waking up a lot at night. She doesn't usually cry a lot, except when she's tired or hungry. It's very rare that she screams for most of the day. I just assumed that it was either a growth spurt or that God was getting back at me for cheating on my science test in third grade (sorry about that), but Saturday night I could hear how congested she would and she wouldn't sleep more then 30 minutes on her back so I let her sleep upright on me that night while I kind of slumped on the couch.

Sunday morning she was still really congested and really cranky so we called the doc and the one I don't like in the practice wound up calling back (maybe that was my payback for my third grade cheating), but whatever she told us what to do, which unfortunately wasn't a whole lot. I was expecting her to tell us to rush right into the dr's office and she would give us some miracle medicine that would make my poor, congested, crying baby be comfortable again.

But no, we were told to buy saline drops, baby vicks, prop up the mattress with a crib wedge or a pillow, sit in a steamy bathroom for 15 minutes, and try to help her get as much sleep as possible (I should've given her a link to my blog because I almost laughed when she said this).

Isabella DOES NOT like saline drops up her nose and I can't say that I blame her. But she's in better spirits and she's getting some solid sleep at night and a few decent naps. The doc said it should clear itself up in 7-10 days and in the meantime I should look out for a fever and ear pulling.

Hopefully this will pass soon.


Neuffj said...

The poos lil thing. I feel awful for her! I would have died if you told that doc to head on over to your site. That would have been a crack up. You're all, oh and BTW...

I Wonder Wye said...

we have a first time grandbaby -- she was born on our wedding anniversary! I don't have kids -- just four footed kid, and this is my husband's daughter, but the grand daughter is my sweet baby -- three months and three weeks now.....enjoy this time....stopping by from SITS

Morgan said...

There is really something going around lately. Tons of colds and fevers everywhere, which seems odd for September.

I hope your baby is feeling better now!

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