Saturday, September 26, 2009


Ok, so there are some reflexes that babies are born with that help them survive, like the sucking reflex, I get it. There also born with the startle reflex, which I'm sure serves some purpose in the greater scheme of things, but all it seems to me to do is wake up a perfectly sweet sleeping baby. But I bet you may not have known that babies are born with other reflexes too, although you may not find them in any textbook.

There's the "Out of Arms" reflex. This is when your baby is just about ready to go to sleep in your arms or is already in a deep sleep and you ever so gently place him or her into the crib and their eyes fly wide open. I live in fear of this reflex.

Don't forget the "Sitting Down" reflex. This is when your baby fusses every time you sit down but coos and giggles as soon as you stand up. It doesn't matter how you hold them or rock them, if you're sitting down that baby is pissed off. Why do babies care if you're sitting or standing? As long as you're playing with them or soothing them it shouldn't matter.

Then there's the "Dinner's Ready" reflex. This is when the baby starts to cry or fuss or become hungry the second that dinner is ready and you sit down to eat. You may also know this reflex as the "Just Sat Down" reflex or the "Just Got Undressed to Get In the Shower" reflex or "Starting to Blog" reflex.

And finally there's the "I'll Make a Liar Out of You" reflex. This is when you proudly tell a stranger how your baby never spits up and then she spits up all over the place. Or when you complain to your mother how difficult it is to get the baby down for a nap when she promptly konks out.


Ashleigh Thomson said...

Holden definitely has the Sitting Down AND the Dinner's Ready reflex. How funny!

*Bee* said...

I LOVE YOU for this post. It made me lol because Kate has of those reflexes! And you're right, they aren't in any book, but ask any mother and she'll relate to all of them.

Neuffj said...

This is hilarious! I used to live with my sister when her babies were just... well babies. And yes, they had allll of these reflexes. It cracks me up. Especially the sitting down one!
My dog somehow must have caught the I'll make a liar out of you one cuz I was bragging on her the other day that she was fully potty trained to a friend and then she literally pissed the the house. I coulda killed her!
Loving your honest posts as always!

Josiahs said...

Lol. The Liar reflex is so true. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

Lily Anne's World said...

OMG...did you describe Lily Anne!! I am still laughing...that someone actually knew what I was thinking! Great Post!!!

WhitneyB99 said...

This is very funny! I love your blog, great post! Whitney's Random Ideas

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