Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Miss Personality

Everyday Isabella grows more and more into herself and I'm noticing some distinct personality traits that are starting to form.

She's a chatterbox. Every night at around 3 am I hear her having deep meaningful conversations with the butterflies in her mobile. She must be asking them how they're day went. She'll give them advice for about 10 minutes and then go back to sleep. Hey if I don't have to get up she can hang with those butterflies all she wants. Also, every morning that's how she wakes me up. Not crying, just chattering to herself.

She's a little violent. She doesn't just bat at her toys, she beats the hell out of them. Whacking them all around like a mad woman. I'm going to have to teach her to be a little more gentle when she grows up or she'll be a real bully!

She thinks she's a big kid. She has no desire to ever just sit. She needs to be standing up. She also tries to hold her own bottle. She doesn't realize that her hands are still too little.

She's very tempermental. One second she's giggling and smiling, the next she is super pissed off. There's a 3 second window to avoid a meltdown.

The fastest way to get a giggle is to kiss her neck. This causes her father no end of worry. She also likes when you give her a zerbert on her belly, except for when she doesn't (of course).

She also has no problem entertaining herself. Sometimes she prefers it. I'll try to play with her toys with her and she'll fuss and get pissy until I put her in her gym by herself. It makes me feel really guilty because I feel like I should be playing with her and spending time with her and stimulating her, but sometimes she just want to play in that gym all by herself. So to make myself feel better I sit on the floor next to it, so at least she can see me.

She's a little quirky but she's getting more and more fun every day.


Neuffj said...

Such a dun post. She is little miss independent, huh? You won't have to worry about here taking any crap. Sounds like her momma! I like it!

Kismet21 said...

I love this post!

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