Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Story

There are a few things Isabella doesn't like: Christenings, solid food, and sleepovers. Let me tell you a scary Halloween story.

Saturday morning I woke up to coos and giggles. I looked at the clock and realized that it was 8:15! She slept for 13 hours. She's been STTN pretty consistently for the past 2 weeks, which I didn't write a celebratory post out of fear of the "I'll Make a Liar Out of You" reflex...scary stuff. So we proceed to take tons of cutesy Halloween pictures (see previous post) and she's tolerating it pretty well, but since she slept so long she's off her usual schedule so she didn't nap as much as she usually does...nap time is a nightmare to begin with anyway. We take her trick or treating in her little bunny outfit. ::dies:: and then get ready to send her off to grandma's so that Andy and I can get ready for our Halloween party, make that our GROWN UP Halloween Party.

I dress up as Angelina Jolie and he's a Rasta Man and the party is a hit. Everyone is drinking, eating, and having a great time. We played flip cup and Texas Holdem and I tied for first place in the Costume Contest. The party starts winding down and then the phone rings at 1:30 am.

Dun dun dun

It was my mother. "She's not having a good night over here. She hasn't slept more then 2 hours in her pack n play"

Oh shit. I'm half in the bag and so is Andy, however, my mother just happens to be a saint that lives only 5 minutes away. I usually just walk to her house. So she says, "Why don't we bring her over to your house and sleep over and you guys can sleep at ours?"

I'm down with a house switch. I wake up around 8 am (damn time changes screw with my head) and come home to a terrible report. She was up every hour! Every hour! Does she think she's a newborn. She's been cranky and irritable and fighting sleep all day. She only napped 2 hours total all day instead of 4.

I'm more terrified of tonight then any Halloween ghoul...stay tuned.


Rsgrl said...

That is a scary story! Let's hope she was just too excited about Halloween to calm down. I'm sure she'll get right back to her STTN ways. I'm jealous that she's been STTN!

Shay said...

Hoping she gets back to her sleep schedule!!!! =-)

Neuffj said...

You are HIlarious! I hope your lil one gets back to sleeping as normal!

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