Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lonely Only?

A friend of mine recently asked me when Andy and I planned on having another baby. Once I quit choking on my hummus I really started to think about it. Do I even want another baby? I had always assumed that I would want to have a decent sized family, two or three kids. However, after experiencing motherhood first hand and remembering how difficult those first few months were, I'm not sure I want to go through that again.

It's difficult to imagine having Isabella out of diapers, sleeping in a bed, able to walk and talk and then starting all over again. It also feels like our little family is so complete. Plus, Isabella is such a demanding little thing, my little dictator, do I really need another boss? Additionally, I didn't love being pregnant. Some women do. I didn't.

On the other hand I don't want Isabella to be lonely. I grew up so close to my sister. We're still best friends. Although, my brother and I barely speak. But I don't want to have another child solely as a playmate for Isabella. I hate when people use this argument. Having a baby should not be because you want to give a present to your child.

I mentioned my thinking to Andy and he laughed. He told me that infancy was still to fresh in my mind to make a rational decision and that we didn't have to decide right now. Even if I do decide to have another, it won't be for years. I need to forget the sleepless nights and projectile vomiting and I need to save a bit more money as these little buggers are quite expensive.


Neuffj said...

HA HA, having a baby for a present to your lil one! Thats sick!

mtendere said...

Your husband is right, you don't need to decide right now. You'll know if and when the right time to think about another little one. I know we originally talked about having ours close together, but I don't know now. Being a mom is hard work!

ZDENNY said...

Have another one! Your child will love it

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mommalilone said...

I just had my 2nd baby and stumbled upon your post. It took us 3.5 years to have our second child. I couldn't have thought about it when my first was under a year old. I didn't enjoy pregnancy and got really sick at the end. I couldn't imagine my life without my little girls. They are so different already. I knew I wanted to have 2 children and am so blessed and so lucky to have what I have.

lifeissweet16 said...

I was an only and was never lonely. I related well to adults and I think being an only, I matured a little faster just because I had to. But I also formed VERY close bonds with my friends because I had to. I have the same friends for 20 years or more.

I will say that as I get older and my parents age, it's a little overwhelming to know I won't have anyone to share the responsibility if and when they need care. It's morbid, but it's a real issue.

w said...

i have two girls. and i love it.

in fact, i'd be willing to have more more more babies. if i didn't have to be pregnant. or birth them.

also. i'm an only child. but i was never lonely. and i grew up almost semi normal.

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