Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Other People's Kids

I've written before on how I feel there's a lot of competition between mothers for milestones, sleeping, etc and for the most part I haven't bought into it (for the most part). However, I was at a cafe in Park Slope the other day with a friend enjoying a latte and I took a glance around and do you know what I saw...

Babies. Everywhere. Babies playing happily on their moms lap. Babies sitting quietly in strollers. Babies in wraps. Babies letting their moms chat, drink coffee, and type on their laptops. Do you know what I didn't see? Squalling, fussing, screaming, whining, children whose mothers were frantically trying to avoid the baleful glare of strangers and I thought to myself "Did these mothers drug their kids with some kind of baby Ambien?"

I was a bit jealous. These babies were so good. I wondered why not Isabella? Then it dawned on me, I haven't really tried. Sure we've gone places, out to dinner, out to breakfast, for pictures, to parties, but they didn't always go over so well so I always shied away and outings were reserved for things we needed to do, with the exceptions of walks which are daily.

So I manned up and tackled the outings of outings...the Christmas time. And do you wanna know something?

She was good as gold. Stayed in her stroller. Laughed at the people. Charmed the "HO HO HO" out of Santa. But when I did see a baby screaming in a stroller, there was no baleful glare, only a sympathetic smile.


Ashleigh Thomson said...

Haha, I love this post. Admittedly, we all do it! For some reason, I think they like all of the commotion. Gives them something to do and be entertained by. So glad she was good for you! :D

K a b l o o e y said...

Keep going for it. If she has a baby-meltdown, everyone will be sympathetic, and if not? Screw-em. We've all been there. And nobody's baby sounds as bad to other moms as she does to you. (Hmmm. Pronoun issues, but I hope you know what I mean.) And I used to live on the Slope; I think you just (un)lucked into a good baby moment. There are plenty of bad ones, to be sure.

Neuffj said...

I can't believe I have been reading your blog this long now. I realize this is totally beside the point, but still... wow! I am happy you had a proud parent moment. Not to say that you aren't always a proud parent. Insert foot, run away!

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