Saturday, December 26, 2009

Power Catch Up

Ok, so I've been a slacker blogger this month, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas I go into outright survivor mode. Shopping, Christmas Cards, wrapping, baking (or attempting to bake), calling family and friends, and cooking is enough to keep me busy but add in a full time job and a 6 month old to take care of I'm surprised I survived the season. However, it is my favorite time of year and every aforementioned holiday chore was pretty fun, except the baking because no matter how often I try to bake from scratch it doesn't come close to Pillsbury!

Isabella turned 6 months old and is sitting up for long periods of time without toppling. I think her max has been 25 minutes. She still won't roll from back to belly. She gets about halfway and then gets lazy and gives up. This wouldn't be a problem if she didn't roll over from belly to back in the middle of the night and then cry because she can't get back to her tummy. Silly kid. She's tried and liked almost all of the stage 1 fruits and veggies except bananas. Well actually she liked the bananas but they made her so constipated. We had to use the thermometer to help her not fun.

Christmas Eve and Christmas were great. She was so well behaved and in such a good mood. She was way more into the wrapping paper then her actual presents which was cute. She made out like a bandit. Tons of clothes and toys. My house is upside down, but I'm off until Jan 4th so I'll have some time to get it in order.

I'll update pics when I get a chance, because right now the boss lady is not happy I've been on the laptop and am not letting her play!


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