Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleep Training

I hate the phrase "sleep training", it makes me think of circus animals training for a carnival, which is weird because I'm quite fond of both of those words separately. For example: I got to sleep for 8 hours or The baby went to sleep without a problem and Potty training or On the job training. However, put those two words together and it gives me the creeps. This is neither here nor there because whatever you call, we've done it.

I mentioned recently that Isabella started sleeping through the night at 4 months and then stopped at around 6 months just to make sure we were still paying attention. Sometimes it would take an hour to put her to sleep after feeding and changing her. After 2 weeks I'm pretty sure I couldn't blame it on a growth spurt which was sad because I love to be able to blame night waking on something. We had had it and we knew something needed to be done, so I followed my instincts.

If she woke up before 3am I'd let her cry and usually after 5 or 10 minutes she'd go to sleep. After three I'd wait 10 minutes and then offer a bottle. At first I'd only wait 5 but after 2 nights of heating up a bottle and having her fall back asleep before I got upstairs I figured I'd wait it out. After about a week and a half she got it and I'm glad to say she's sleeping from 7pm-6am and twice this weekend she slept until 7am.

So I'm glad that once again my spunky child is sleeping through the night...for now.


Rsgrl said...

Yay! We're working on getting back there, too. Damn ear infection threw everything off.

Stephanie said...

Hi from SITS! I love the fact that you said you were done with baby books earlier in your blog! I am still giggling! I am a nanny...and I have to remind the mom not to worry about everything ALL the time. You have to go with your gut..because you are the mom...and your probably right all of the time! And if not...blame the books :)

Derek and Stefani said...

I'm right there with you... my daughter was sleeping through the night until a week or two ago and now, we're up ALL night. We have to change something so I guess "sleep training" starts tonight. I'm dreading the crying but somethings gotta give...

Quixotic said...

Oh, I am giggling at your description of sllep training - now whenever I say that I'm going to picture circus monkey swinging off trapezes!!!
Good on you for following your instincts, and yay! for sleep!

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