Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Am Absolutely Livid

I'm hopping mad. Like steam coming out of your ears. Hot flashes in your body. Shaking with anger. Let me regale the story for you and you can give me your honest opinion because I would give mine to you.

On Friday afternoon one of my students asks me if he can shut the lights off in the classroom because of the glare on the Smart Board. He's short and the lights are high so I told him no. He is insistent that he can reach them. So I tell him that if he can reach them he can shut them off (knowing that he couldn't). I told him that when he realized that he couldn't reach them to let me know and I would do it for him.

Well the little genius decides he's going to jump up and try to shut off the lights and he scratches his arm. He goes to show me the scrape but he's wearing a long sleeved shirt and I'm not about to have the kid removing clothing in my classroom so I ask him if he wants to go to the nurse. He says no. I tell him to go wash it in the bathroom and give him a few band aids.

No big thing. I didn't even think to fill out an accident report since there was no blood and his shirt wasn't ripped and he wasn't crying or complaining. Well, today his mother called up flipping out that I didn't send him to the nurse because now there's something in his cut and their insurance won't cover it.

WHAT? He had a long sleeved shirt on that wasn't ripped so what the hell was "in the cut"? I didn't even see the damned scrape. He didn't want to go to the nurse so what the hell am I supposed to do? Fill out hours of paperwork on every bump, scrape, and paper cut? We even had a meeting last year where our principal told us to ease up on the accident reports.

I'm so angry that this is even being entertained. Now I have to have a meeting with my principal, which I fully intend to bring my union rep to. I shouldn't even have to justify myself on this matter. The parents are full of shit. What does the insurance need to cover? Band aids and neosporin?

I am so mad to work in a city that looks to crucify its own. I bend over backwards for my students spending hundreds of my own dollars every year on parties, presents, materials, presentations, for what? To get my ass nailed to the wall because some kid did something he wasn't supposed to do and got a boo boo? It's ridiculous. So pray that this just goes away and that my unblemished record doesn't get smutted up for no good reason.


Mrs.Pink said...

Ohhh the joys of teaching! We deal with this on a weekly basis. Our parents love to threaten the hell out of us and go to "the district" about everything and anything.
I had a parent call up bitching out my AP because "Mrs.A didn't let my daugther go to the bathroom and she wet herself!!!" Um, no lady. Your kid was told to GO if she had to go and not to bother me when I am conferencing (gotta love RW) with another student. Your daughter knows when its an emergency and she can't hold it for whatever reason to tell me and I'll let her go to the room next door. And YOUR daughter decided to stand in front of the bathroom door and do the potty dance instead.
Grow the eff up. I'd never deny anyone to use the restroom!
So I spent 40 minutes of my planning time dealing with that!
Sorry your going through this!! That mom needs a slap in the face!

Rsgrl said...

Sorry, E! You did nothing wrong. The kid gave you no indication that he was in pain or needed further attention, but you did the responsible thing and asked anyway. He said no. You can tell when kids need medical attention - they tell you verbally or you can tell when you look at them. That wasn't the case here. I would definitely take your Union Rep with you to be safe. You never know how crazy some parents are going to get. Good luck! Stick to your guns and show them that you are a good, responsible teacher as well as a strong woman who cares about her students.

Christina said...

oh my gosh that sounds awful. you make very good points ...its just a boo boo, what would they cover (a band aid?). I cant imagine, like you said, going out of your way for your students then feeling like your are treated like that by a overprotective righteous parent. I hope it all turns out fine.

YOu offered for hin to go to the nurse anyhow....thats all you should have to do for a scrape. If they remove their wet band aid or whatever and a peice of dirt or something gets in their, some crazy parent cant hild you guys accountable. Its normal kid stuff.

BLOGitse said...

oh no...I agree with Rsgrl - better to be safe side.
Recession makes people even more nervous and stupid - they try to get a penny where they can.

Good luck!

stopping by from SITS - exploring sitstablogs...


Stefani said...

Ugh... nothing beats stupid parents. I'm sorry you are going through this - you did NOTHING wrong, you can't assume that every itty bitty ouchie is worthy of a trip to the nurse or a report. I had a kid break his wrist in my arm on the last day of school my first year teaching. Two kids pushed him and he hit the floor and then all of the sudden there was a screaming kid on my floor with his wrist bent at a 90 degree angle the WRONG WAY. I almost passed out and after they took him in the ambulance, I was sure I was going to get canned or sued. Thankfully, the school and parents realized that kids are kids and they do stupid stuff... Just breathe in your meeting and hang in there...

TheSingleGirl said...

Bring back the beating sticks, I say.


Laura said...

Oh...I'm so sorry that is happening to you! I WOULD BE SPITTING FIRE TOO! One of my co-workers told me that she read a TIME article that states that teaching is considered one of the top HIGH-STRESS jobs. It ranks above AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS! What the heck?! Its because we have to worry about stupid issues like you're dealing with. I'd take the union rep too. Administration loooves to throw teachers under the bus.

mtendere said...

I'm sorry. It's ridiculous, and it just seems to get worse. There always seem to be parents who are just trying to stir things up. I hope it all blows over after your meeting and it's obvious to everyone that the mom is just crazy. Believe me, I can relate to how angry you are right now. Teaching is very high stress, as a previous poster pointed out.

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