Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buh Bye

I've said goodbye to a lot of things recently (and others not so recently, but they fit so nicely into this post that I had to include them). Isabella's swing is now residing in the attic, this happened at Christmas time to make room for all of her new loot. Her bouncy seat is now at my cousins house and is being occupied by a teeny tiny newborn. Her 9 month clothes are all packed away. Goodbye to her stage 2 baby food and hello to stage 3 and table food.

But I said goodbye this weekend to someone who is very close to me. My friend Lara is moving to Sydney Australia. Lara has been in my life for a long time and we've waxed and waned between closeness and estrangement. She's a free spirit who has gone away before on long vacations, extended stays in Israel with her sometimes boyfriend. I've been trying to convince her to write a blog about her travels, but she's not taking the bait. But this time she's going away, all on her own, to sew her oats before she becomes tethered by career, husband, house, and family.

She and I were vegan together for a long time, we'd have crazy dance off's, meet for dinners in Manhattan, dance all night, and hang out with our group of friends. There are no words to say how I will miss her and I'm torn between selfishly wanting her to stay and knowing that she has to do this.

Goodbye's are never easy.

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Quixotic said...

Aw, goodbyes are hard, and it's sad you'll miss your friend, but send her my welcome to God's own country!! And hey, you could always use her as an excuse to come visit!!

B Sparkly said...

I’ve got a small gift for you at my blog:) come check it out.
Have a great weekend!

Lillian Juda Leonard-Beach said...

Great pic!!! Very fun.

michelle b @ every little thing said...

hey, just stopping by from last week's friday follow! thanks for following me and i'm your newest now!!

can't wait to browse your blog some more!


Savvy Coupon Mommy said...

Goodbye is not a word I like either :-( Very hard.....But now you have a great excuse to go to a Warm & sunny place to see your friend!!! :-)
Hi :-)
A little late from the Friday Follow! The list is sooo long!
You can follow me at
Have a great day!
P.S. Lot's of Great Giveaways on my blog right now:-)

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