Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food Fight

And I'm not talking about the fun kind where you end up covered in Johnny's mashed potatoes. I'm talking outright refusal to eat anything that isn't orange (sweet potatoes and carrots). I have to say that I never thought I'd be writing a post about how my little chunka doesn't want to eat.

She sucks down her bottle well enough. Breakfast is pretty easy. Lunch is so/so, but dinner. Oh my dinner. She sticks her tongue out. Turns away. Fusses. Yells. Cries. She's not having it. I've tried table food (meatballs, eggs, cheese, baby carrots that aren't pureed, bread, pancakes, mashed potatoes) and she usually loves them, but for the past two weeks she'll have nothing of it. Especially if it's green. I was a Goddamned vegetarian/vegan throughout my entire pregnancy and my child is refusing veggies.

I've had to begin a covert op of hiding the veggies. A scoop of peas in the egg before I scramble it. Squash in the macaroni. Cheese sprinked on the steamed carrots. The thing of it is I don't want Isabella to have to diet her entire life. So please tell me that this is just a phase and she won't require veggies smothered in butter or cheese when she grows up? Additionally, please tell me that if I succumb and feed her naught but sweet potato and carrot purees she won't turn orange?

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For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Don't stress. Just keep trying. She is still getting a majority of her nutrients from her bottle...actually I don't know how old she is, since I am a new reader...but her growth thing over there shows that she is not one I right? So don't worry. Relax. Just keep trying. And hiding it in things is a great way to get them in her...but I always try to offer up the veggie or fruit on it's own too. She will eventually eat more! Maybe she isn't really hungry by dinner. I love brainstorming mama you can tell! Good luck!

Rachel H. said...

Oh no...I'm sure that they all go through this or something similar, and I'll have to experience it at some point too. I'll come back and read your post and comments then to make me feel better and know that this will pass! :)

brett said...

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~SHANNON~ said...

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Leigh said...

Hey! I just stumbled on your blog (liked the name) and guess what? I posted on this very thing today. One of my twins is also fighting me with food and he was my "good" eater!!!

Has anything changed in the week since you posted?

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