Tuesday, March 2, 2010


You can lock me up and throw away the key because I'm guilty.

I've been guilty of going to pick up my baby when I was supposed to be doing "Cry It Out"

I'm guilty of heating her bottles in the microwave. Because it seriously takes 4 minutes to heat it up in her bottle warmer and 40 seconds in the micro. I swirl for hot spots and let it sit a bit before I give it to her. I've been doing this since I stopped breast feeding at about 3 months and she's survived.

I'm guilty of letting the dishes "soak" overnight as an excuse not to do them.

I'm guilty of hiding annoying toys that I know Isabella likes because they're, well, annoying.

I'm guilty of spending hundreds of dollars at Babies R Us and The Children's Place when I was just going in for diapers or socks.

I'm guilty of having "Jammy Days." This is when Isabella and I will stay in our pajamas all day long. But trust me, she looks a lot cuter in hers then I do in mine.

No need for a trial...I confess.

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Angie S said...

Ha! I do the overnight dish soak thing too...thought I was the only one..teehee!!!

Stephanie said...

I don't have a baby and I am guilty of half of these....LOL...and when I have a baby...I WILL BE SOO GUUILTY OF ALLLL OF THESE!

Mrs.F said...

I'm completely guilty of #1, 2, 3 & 5!

Quixotic said...

Yup, looks like I'm joining you in that jail cell - all of the above!!!! :o)

Bee said...

I have done every single one of those things. :)

Sarah said...

I'm so guilty of all that...and much more!

TheSingleGirl said...

Oh HELL yeah. Microwave? Did that. Jammy days? YEP. Spending money? WORD. Hiding toys, though? REALLY? REAAAALLLY? ... That's the best idea I've ever heard!! Good BYE singing Fisher Price book and Wobbly Musical Penguin.

BLOGitse said...

You made me feeling quilty as well!
But life goes on! Let's enjoy we're quilty! :) Smile!


Mrs.Pink said...

It's ok... we will let you off on those minor offenses! Next time though it's gonna be a hefty charge! lmao!
I love your blog and the way you have with words! ;)

~Shelley~ said...

I've been a mom for almost 17 years...I've been guilty of all the above....and my kids are turning out just fine :)

Cute post!

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