Monday, March 22, 2010

Isn't it Ironic?

I have a masters degree in early childhood development and education birth through age 6 and I don't know jack. Maybe I should go back and return my diploma?

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Leigh said...

Melissa, no one knows what they're doing :)

8 months in, I FEEL more confident but that's it - I still try this, try that and hope that something works. I call them my little science experiments (okay, they are IVF babies, but still) :)

Sarah said...

I am a teacher, and my husband is a doctor. He's been through freaking medical school, for goodness sake. Neither of us know a single thing. A SINGLE THING! It's ridiculous, I think sometimes. We're just all muddling along. Hang in there. You're a great mom! :) xox

chasity said...

i think that is one you learn best from experience! :)

mtendere said...

My DH is a pediatrician and he doesn't know anything, either. Okay, so maybe he can decode her poo occasionally and tell me what dose of Tylenol is okay, but that's about it.

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