Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outer Beauty

Before I birthed the babe I was a pretty stylish girl. My hair was always neat. My outfit was always well put together. I was always nicely accessorized. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you that I was well heeled. I took pride in every aspect of my appearance even throughout my pregnancy. I didn't care that I was only wearing the clothes for 9 months, I wanted to look good.

Fashion is still in my life. I read about it while I'm wearing sweat pants. I watch my friends perfectly quaffed hair whilst I enjoy my ponytail. My heels collect dust on the shelf while I wear "sensible flats". Ummm....when did I become such a frumpy mom?

I just feel so much better about myself when I'm put together. But I'm also realistic that with a full time job and a baby, it's not possible to pull it off 7 days a week. So I'm making a promise to myself to at least make an effort to look nice 3 days a week. I think I can handle it and I still get to look yucky for 4 days. I just think it will help boost my confidence, especially since I'm starting to fit into my clothes again.

How do you all fit in time for a beauty routine?

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B Sparkly said...

I feel the same way. I found a solution for myself, I put on makeup everyday and play with different colors to make me feel cute, pretty and it’s fun. I still wear my yoga pants everyday since a lot of my cloth don’t feet just right yet…But I’m trying to lose some of the weight so I can dress up nice again. No high heels just yet since I have to carry my son and we all know it’s not practical to do that with heels on. Basically I look good from the neck up, and that all I can commit to at this point.

Bee said...

Beauty routine?! What's that?!

(written as I'm sitting in a hoodie with my hair in a pony tail)

Laura said...

I agree! It doesn't help that I'm STILL not back in my prepreg clothes!! I look at girls that are put together and think "BIA!".

K A B L O O E Y said...

Oh, I'm with Bee. But I'm older, heavier, and thus in more serious need of fixing up. Good luck and go for it, especially if it makes you feel better.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hi there! Thanks for joining the Blog Hop. I'm following you now. Love your blog. I'll be back later to read more.

Happy Follow Friday!


Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Girl, I have no idea. I'm sitting here in a tshirt with spit up on it, a pair of shorts, and tennis shoes.

I, the lover of heels, have yet to wear a pair since the little guy arrived. I mean, what if I'm walking with him and I FALL?!

It's sad.

6feetover said...

Oh man....I used to wear heels EVERYDAY no matter where I went. I'd wear them to the grocery store, to the mailbox and everywhere else. I am so in love with my ballet slipper looking shoes now. lol

Since I am a stay-at-home mom (work from home, too) I don't get dressed up anymore, but when I do get out of the house, I get so excited to wear makeup and real clothes! lol


Sarah said...

I don't, most of the time. You read my last post - when I try, it just seems to backfire. Three days seems reasonable, though. Maybe I'll give it a try, too!

lady gray said...

oh man, hoodie and ponytail here too as i type.

for special occasions, or when i go out without elliot (so rare) i dress myself up a bit. by which i mean i put on make up, jeans, and wear my hair down.

it doesn't happen much, but when it does i feel special for a few hours. :)

Mrs.F said...

I seriously cannot leave the house without doing my makeup & flat ironing my hair! I straighten my hair at night after my shower so I don't have to deal with it in the morning. If I have to be somewhere at 9am... I'll wake up at 7:30 so I have over an hour to feed & clothe Gianna && put on my makeup & get dressed too... and still have time to sip on my coffee while I quickly check my email. If you start getting in the habit of doing it everyday I promise it will become so routine it won't be a big deal! I just feel so good when I feel like I look like a "hot mom." ;)

Therese said...

Ugh! I have some of the same problems... I am SO close to being back in my pre-preg clothes, but that last inch or two seems SO far :( Throws such a wrench in to buy or not to buy clothes right now dilemma. I squeeze into what I can and think hopefully about wearing previously adored items soon-ish.

Funny how the frump sneaks up on ya.

Rachel H. said...

I'm worried that when I start back to work that I'll start to just not care, because I'm so busy and don't have time to think about looking good and taking care of myself as much. I'll be coming to you for advice then!

Theta Mom said...

I feel so much better about myself when I am "put together," too.

Ok, so you just read my post about commenting, and here I am! LOL

I had to come over and say your comment truly made my day.


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