Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conversations With Kids

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time, but every time I sat down to write it, I couldn't quite catch the stories that I wanted. But I had enough pussyfooting around and decided to just write them as I remember them.

I've been teaching for 5 years and kids really do say some super funny things. So I decided to write down some funny conversations I've had with my students over the years.

Once I was conferring with a student, Dana, and I saw another kid, Yaire, waiting patiently next to me for me to finish. Dana was asking me how to spell the word yellow. "Where do you think you might look around the room to find that word?" I so expertly guided. Her little face lit up,"On the crayon!" As she started her writing, I turned to Yaire who said, "I don't need help anymore" and scurried back to her seat. At the end of the workshop I sat down next to Yaire to see what she had written and on her paper it said "My hair is crayola." I nearly died.

In Social Studies we were talking about children in the class who had family in different countries, Jodsina raised her hand and said, "My father comes from the country of Philadelphia and he speaks Philadelphian." Okayyyyyyy.

We had a reading teacher who used to come in once a week to work with a struggling group of readers. One day she was absent because she was in a little fender bender so when I told the class that she wouldn't be in that day because she had an accident, one little boy raised his hand and said, "Isn't she too old to pee in her pants?"

I'm sure there's so many more, but these are the ones that stick out to me. Kids sure are funny. I wonder what kinds of things Isabella will say when she starts talking. Hopefully, "Thank you" and "I'm sorry"

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Sarah said...

I LOVE to feature funny things my students say on my blog! Your "too old to have an accident" story is my favorite!

Lil'Misa said...

LOL That was great! I love the stuff kids say.

When I returned from maternity leave a former student who is now in 2nd grade said to his teacher, "I'm glad Mrs. Patterson is back and she finally found a babysitter." The kids thought I was out for so long because I had no one to watch the baby, too cute.

Cheryl said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

My mother is from Philadelphia. And with that accent, she sounds like she's from another country, so I get that kid! LOL

Funny stuff - thanks for sharing!

Moderate Means said...

"My hair is Crayola."

That is so hilarious!!!

Christa said...

I found you through 6 degrees of blogging and your button is featured on my blog today!

Kids are soo funny! My little brother cracks me up everyday! I always try to write posts like these but always forget too when it's really funny! Although somewhere on my blog I have a post where my brother (he's 3) tells me how my little guy (who I was pregnant with at the time) was going to build a fire in my tummy and burn his way out through my belly button! Here's the link to my post today for the feature :)

Helena said...

Those examples are so funny! You certainly don't have to go too far to find funny things that kids say! I'm sure your little girl will have plenty of her own little funnies! Congratulations on being a new mom! And thanks for following my blog! I'm following you back!

Kristina said...

As a fellow elementary (art) teacher, I totally love hearing the kids talk amongst themselves. They really are so precious sometimes.

Once I was teaching kindergartners about the difference between a circle and an oval. One student raised his hand and said (very excitedly) "an oval is more rounder - like me!). It was so cute!

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