Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guest Blogging with Mrs. Trophy Wife

Love this girl. Love her blog. So naturally when she asked me to guest blog for her I was super stoked. I'm blogging about finding your "youness" and my bush even gets an honorable mention. So go check her out and show her some bloggy love. Check us both out at Exploits of a Military Mama. She also has a great month of fluff for all of you cloth diapering mama's.

This won't be the last you see of her either because she'll be featured here soon. I love getting other women's perspective on motherhood and with an adorable baby boy and a deployed husband she still manages to keep her shit together and her sense of humor.

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Shannon said...

Going to check this out for sure! What a compliment to be asked to guest blog. Yay for you!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm off to just see what it's all about. I also just spent that last 30 minutes getting caught up on your posts. I get so behind sometimes. Your daughter is so beautiful and you and hubby are doing an excellent job. Yes hubbies can be a pain in the rear end but then they kiss it away and it's better. Just keep training him before it's 30 years later and they get untrainable (doing that now). Take care Melissa and have a great and wonderful day. God Bless!!!

Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Thanks for Guest Blogging! I'm so glad you did :)

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