Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stages, Rewards, and Challenges

Stage: Engagement

Reward: Creating an awesome event in the way that you envision it and getting ready to start a new chapter of your life with someone you love.

Challenge: I don't know if I'm missing the wedding planning gene, but I hated planning a wedding. It was stressful, expensive, and way too attentive to details for my taste. I didn't care if my linens were bordeaux or burgandy. I would have hopped on a plane and gotten married cliffside in some foreign locale.

Stage: Marriage

Reward: Getting to build a life together and create a home. Living with your best friend and learning to love each other in a whole new way while still cultivating your independent self. And let's be honest, in the beginning it's so much fun to play house.

Challenge: For me it's socks. Socks everywhere. Put them in the damn hamper. But honestly, that first 6 months were a rough adjustment. He had lived on his own for 5 years and I had never lived on my own. Finances were a big issue for us. He understood what it meant to have bills and I didn't. He resented my blaze attitude about money and I resented his tight ass ways. It was a source of constant arguing. But it passed. But seriously, the socks.

Stage: Pregnancy

Reward: Getting to carry around your growing bundle of joy without giving up the use of your arms.

Challenges: heartburn, hemmies, and cellulite.

Stage: Newborn-3 months

Reward: A teeny tiny snuggly baby who is so brand new it makes your heart ache.

Challenge: Lack of sleep and massive anxiety. Like what the hell did I get myself into? I don't know what this kid wants and why she's crying. Someone please rescue me and give me my old life back!

Stage: 3-6 months

Reward: An interactive baby who is developing like crazy. Smiles, coos, and babbles. The messy fun of trying solids and the establishment of a routine (which has been heavenly for us in this household).

Challenge: Still some night waking in our case and teething, which is the devil. Also, we had a bout of stranger anxiety at this stage.

Stage: 6-10 months

Rewards: Are to many to count. This has been a time when I felt that we have thrived. Everyone is sleeping and she's consistently napping. It seems everyday she's learning something new and she's into everything. She's so much fun.

Challenges: She's crawling like crazy right now. And she's realized that there's life beyond the area rug in our living room and has discovered that she can crawl into the kitchen. Staring at her reflection in the stove is very entertaining. The days of letting her play on the rug while I do laundry are gone.

I can't wait to see what the next stages are, I'm sure they'll involve walking and talking.

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Southern Loves said...

LOVE this post...so cute, so true!! :o)

Lil'Misa said...

Love this post. I was like you with wedding planning, I was so not into it. I am sure some people didn't like stuff at my wedding just because I didn't care about the details.

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Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I love this post! Only I wish my 11month old would nap consistently & that we were all sleeping--I guess we are more than when he was born but it's still not all night!

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