Thursday, June 10, 2010


I used to be a cleanie. Before baby, I would invite you to eat your chicken and potato off my floor. It sounds gross but my house was that clean. Now, when I can barely find the time to shower let alone scrub the floors, I'm torn as to how to keep my house in relative order. I've got some tips and tricks that I'm willing to share with you just so long as you share them right back ;)

I try to do a deep clean once a week during one of Isabella's naps. It's a relative deep clean, just disinfecting things, using a mop and bucket instead of the swiffer, sweeping under all the cushions etc.

I clean one room at a time or else I get overwhelmed.

I don't bother putting toys away until after she's gone to bed. There's really no point to it.

I delegate. I force Andy to help me out. He knows I can't put out if I'm stressed out about dishes in the sink.

Ok, so now I expect full discloser on how you keep your homes in relative order so I can steal them.

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Southern Reflections said...

That sounds like EXACTLY how I clean. I used to clean all the time before I had babies, and baby # 2 made it even more difficult with the exception of my brief nesting period. The best advice I have to offer right now as I look around my house full of toys, laundry, & baby essentials, is to keep as much stuff out of baby's reach as possible (that doesn't belong to baby ;o), even though I know that's easier said than done because, if you're like me...where do you put it?? I will tell you that my aunt's doctor told her, if you always have a clean house, then you're not doing your job as a Mommy because the kiddos come first!! That's great that your husband helps out, so does mine, and I would be lost without him.

sheaintheavy said...

I pretty much do the same, and I made sure to buy the smallest house we could live in comfortably!

Nikole said...

My husband and I are both pretty anal about the house being clean so that helps alot. We take turn with everything, floors, dishes, laundry its like clockwork. We have gotten into a routine of doing a couple things everyday, that way we are not overwhelmed when we get home.

Quixotic said...

It's getting easier now she's 3, but my daughter got it in her head she was terrified of the vacuum cleaner, so that made vacuuming when she was around more hassle than it was worth. Our main living area where she plays etc. is tiles, so that helped. My main goal now is that the house needs to be clean, just not necessarily tidy! When she was crawling, I was paranoid about clean floors, and would use a microfibre mop a few times a day, and proper mop only clean with vinegar and bi-carb, no chemicals.
Mainly though, I cheated. I would just clean whenever my Mum stolen GG for some Granma time. I'm very lucky I know, not many Mums' have that luxury!

Nikki said...

We usually try to do a big clean once a week too.
I also (usually) daily clean the countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom. That way it doesn't get out of control and then the "big clean" doesn't take all that long!

Babes Mami said...

If I know that I'm not going to be able to get much cleaning down I do a 15 minute tidy after bedtime. I set the alarm for 15 minutes and clean as much surface stuff as I can, having a time limit usually makes me work quick and I'm suprised how much I get done!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Sounds like's impossible to have three kids, a job, a husband, and a clean house. Last night I went on a frenzy of floor mopping because I'm ashamed to say my hardwoods hadn't been mopped beyond swiffering since my last nesting episode before #3 was born in Feb. It went well because my husband helped and the other 2 were happy to play in the tub. I think that will be my new routine--do one big cleaning activity while my big girls are getting bathed.

The Hapa Girl said...

Ahhh...let's see. With three kids in three different stages of life, it is so very hard! And soon, I'll be adding four more kids for home daycare! Yikes! With that, my favorite time to clean is when the kids are in bed. I mop, clean kitchen and bathroom. I always start at least one load of laundry every morning. This is normally an all day process (LOL), it eventually gets into the dryer and then I fold sometime during the day. The two older kids are old enough to pick their stuff up and put them away.

I also vacuum and sweep on a daily basis, I have two dogs! Also, like you, one room at a time or either upstairs one day and downstairs the next.

Now that I'm starting the homedaycare, my husband will have to do more than he normally does (which is almost nothing) and I told him he has to help or we wont' be able to do will be impossible for me to do it all.

Stefani said...

We do pretty much the same thing... I just make sure to take 10 minutes or so at night after Addison is in bed to pick up, wipe the counters, make sure the sink is empty, and if I need to, swiffer the floor. I feel your pain - I used to love spending all day cleaning but now I have to cram to get it done during one of Addi's brief naps... We all need maids. :)

Sarah, Stephen, and Luke said...

This sounds like me. No point in putting away toys during the day, as long as I can walk through the living room. I also do the house in sections. I have baskets everywhere, so the house looks clean, even if stuff is just thrown into a basket (one on the coffee table for remotes, etc, one for books...).

missykade said...

Following, please follow back :)

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