Friday, July 30, 2010


I may not be the greenest girl there ever was, but I try to do what I can for my environment and our planet so when I found out about TerraCycle, I was all on board to do a promotion. Just to let you know, this is not a review or a giveaway. It's merely something that was brought to my attention and I am trying to raise awareness. I am not receiving anything nor am I giving anything to you wenches either (xoxo) but I am going to tell you all about TerraCycle because I think it's a great company.

TerraCycle is a very young company that focuses on collecting your garbage, upcycling it by turning it into something else, and then giving 2 cents for each piece of garbage you send in to your favorite charity.

I wanted to let you all know about two fundraising programs that are designed specifically for moms and daycare centers; maybe you'll be able to help out. The fundraisers are completely free and they will pay 2 cents for every used piece of diaper packaging (sans poopy diapers) or used baby food pouch. Since Huggies and Sprout Organic Baby Food pay for the cost of the program they are 100% free for any family, school, daycare, or other organization to participate. They even cover the shipping costs.

The collected waste will be turned into new products for new moms and their babies, such as bibs and diaper bags. If this sounds like something you may be interested in please sign up by visiting TerraCycle. They have some very informative videos on their website and they sell some really cute upcycled toys and other products that you might be interested in.

Let me know how you like it via e-mail if you do sign up and maybe we can do a follow up post in a few months.

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Cheryl said...

This is a fascinating idea. Had to read this twice to make sure I hadn't misread!

Melissa B. said...

Anything we can do to help save Mother Earth. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

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