Thursday, July 8, 2010

Those Culturelle People Are Tricky

Here I thought that the folks at Culturelle were using my blog as a platform to promote their product, however what they were actually doing is trying to hook me onto their product. Well played Culturelle, well played.

I'm only about halfway through the one month probiotic and I am loving it! I'm all about the poop. I've blogged about poop way more often than any grown woman should. I have been so regular since I've started this product. I'm talking like twice a day, no problem, no pushing, no cramping. It's a wonderful thing.

Superficially, my hair and skin have never looked better. I'm planning on buying my next month's supply this week.

In keeping with FTC regulations, I did receive a free month supply in order to provide my honest opinions on this product. The thoughts and beliefs expressed in this post are mine alone and I stand behind their integrity. Additionally, I agreed to one review after the month was over, this mid-month update was written solely because I love this product, will continue to use it, and wanted you all to know about it, even if those tricky Culturelle people duped me ;)

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Babes Mami said...

I love anything to help me poop!

Dani G said...

probiotics are so important for the body. Glad you're loving the - er- results!

I use some pretty strong probiotics on my bird and it makes a huge difference for her!

Shay said...


Culturelle said...

Thanks Melissa! Glad it's working for you! -Culturelle

Christy said...

i'm a big fan of the probiotics...and i have a bit of a poop obsession i understand you! thanks for stopping by my place...yogurt has lots of good bacteria--if you know what i mean! :)

Helena said...

I love a good probiotic review and recommendation. I'll put Culturelle on my list! Thanks!

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