Saturday, August 21, 2010

City Girl Gone Country

I'm a city girl born and bred. I'm not outdoorsy and never have been. I like my blow drier, my flat screen TV, my laptop, and life without bug spray. However, Andy's family owns a camping trailer in the boonies somewhere so we decided to take Isabella. I agreed also because of S'mores and the chance to go to a real deal country fair. I've only been to city ones like the San Genaro Festival in Little Italy and the 18th avenue Feast in Brooklyn.

Which looks like this ____________________>

So we packed up a ridiculous amount of stuff because when you're traveling with a child it's amazing the amount of crap that you need, and we headed out to the woods. She loved it! She couldn't get enough of running around on the open grass. She loved looking at the animals at the fair and called everything from a g

oat to a cow "puppy". I even let her have ice cream for dinner one night. We had a really great time and I enjoyed the campfires, s'mores, and fried twinkies at

the fair.


lady gray said...

ohhhh, looks like so much fun! i am glad you guys had such a great trip.

Resourceful Red said...

that baby girl is too cute! especially with her 3 pony tails :)

Katie Jeans Jewelry said...

Was there much of a difference between the country fair and the city fair? Looks like you had a great time.

Miss. Candy said...

I am glad to see you came to see how us country folk live!! Looks like a great time was had!!! Kids sure do equal a lot of packing!!!

misssrobin said...

Love the three ponytail shot!

Everyone should spend a little time in the country. It's refreshing for the soul.

Glad you had fun.

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