Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Queen of Green

I blogged recently about TerraCycle and how it is helping to upcycle waste into new and useful products and it got me thinking, what am I doing to help? How can I reduce my carbon footprint? What is a carbon footprint? I want to be able to leave the earth better than I found it or at least not leave it any worse for the wear.

I mean I do the obvious, shut the water off when I'm brushing my teeth, shut the lights off when I leave the room, figure out what I want before I go into the fridge so I'm not standing in front of an open door, and I obviously recycle.

But what else can I do? I'm not into cloth diapering, my interest is peaked so maybe I'll give it a go with the next kid. I don't use water bottles, but those little metal ones. Is it better to use real dishes and save on waste or paper ones and save on water? I'm not sure as I rarely have the answer to any question. But I am open to suggestions, tips, and resources and I will continue to do research to figure out what I can do to help and I'll share my tips with all of you guys.

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Teresa said...

I think real dishes are more eco-friendly because water can easily be found, trees are hard to replace. Comming from a girl who uses paper dishes for everything.

mtendere said...

There are always trade offs, however, the amount of energy that goes into manufacturing paper products and the pollution generated along with waste of throwing them out and the fact that anything that goes into a landfill is pretty much there forever (biodegradable or not), lead me to believe that reusable is almost always a better option - dishes, towels, diapers, ect.

Resourceful Red said...

girlfriend, have you seen my blog and my tips of the day?!!


Lil'Misa said...

We try to walk our errands when possible. =) We also use reusable shopping bags. If I forget my bag I bring the plastic ones to the stores that have a place to recycle them.

classycareergirl said...

Awesome what TerraCycle is doing. It's hard because sometimes I don't think that I have that much of an impact but if everyone did something simple, it would made a huge impact!

Josh Healy said...

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