Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Sippy Cup Incident

My cousin Nicole was over recently with her two daughters, Daniella, 2.5 and Gianna, 6 months. We ate lunch, took the girls to the park, and then came back to my house to play. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon, no? Well it was, except for the sippy cup. It wasn't a particularly nice sippy cup. It was pink and it looks as if one time it might have been covered with bright pictures of the cast of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but they had faded and become scratched off with overuse. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that Daniella had it and Isabella wanted it.

There were screams and cries coming out of my daughter that I had never heard before. Not during sleep training, not during shots, not ever. At first I just tried to distract Isabella and give her her own sippy cup. She threw it on the floor. Then I tried to offer her every single sippy cup I had in the house. She wasn't impressed. So then I tried to just remove her from the situation so Andy brought her outside on the deck and we shut the blinds so she couldn't see Daniella drinking from "the cup". That worked until he brought her back inside and she saw the cup and then she flipped out again.

So we tried to reason with Daniella, it was her cup after all but she was a bit older so maybe she'd be up for a negotiation. "I'll give you Isabella's brand new sippy cup to use. You see it has princesses on it." Not interested. "I'll give you 5 yogurt melts and a cookie." No dice. I'm pretty sure Isabella ONLY wanted it because Daniella had it and I'm equally as sure that the ONLY reason Daniella wouldn't give it up was because Isabella wanted it, but we persevered. "I'll give you 6 yogurt melts, 3 cookies, and a toy." She very slowly gave Isabella the cup which finally quieted her screams. Isabella took a few sips and then toddled off with it. I probably broke every parenting rule there is in the book, but it got her to stop screaming so I'm ok with that.

Thankfully this incident occurred with my cousin and not some random person on the playground. They might not have been so easy to accommodate and their kids might not have been so bribeable!


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Desi said...

hahah oh my. I know exactly what thats like. Liv is the queen of throwing tantrums...lets hope they grow out of it :).

Ciera said...

hahaha I love the way you negotiate... "6 yogurt melts, 3 cookies, and a toy.." so funny! Thanks for the laugh :)

misssrobin said...

Yes, you totally broke all the parenting rules. Yes, we all do it. And it won't hurt anyone but you in the long run.

By the time my fifth child came along, I barely even registered tantrums. It will get easier.

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