Friday, September 24, 2010

A Case of the Nevers

We're all wonderful parents before our kids are born.  We judge, we smugly say "That will never be my kid"but until that little bundle of shrieks joy comes into your life you never really know what your breaking point is.  I've learned at this point to never say never, but there are some "nevers" that I've clearly broken and some that I've held true to.

My Broken Nevers
1.  I will never let my kid eat sugar: Yeah, not so much.  I try to limit her sugar intake as much as possible but she totally had cake on her birthday and if it's a special occasion she can have a cookie or two.  You can call the sugar police because I'm guilty.

2.  I will ignore my child's tantrums so she learns how to behave properly: this is still probably the best way to handle a screaming/whining/pain in the ass toddler but when you're in the grocery story and everyone is staring sometimes if I throw a toy or a cookie (see above) at her it will get her to shut up long enough for me to strap her in the car seat and get her home.  I'm only hurting myself with this one in the long run but I'm ok with that.

3.  TV is the devil: A little TV never hurt anyone.  If I need to get dinner on the table or put sunscreen on her or change her diaper when she's rolling around like a lunatic I turn to my trusty friends the Wiggles and my new bff Dora.  If she does develop an unsightly case of ADD there's always Ritalin right?

4. She will be dressed to impressed everyday: I don't know what the hell I was thinking with this one.  Sure there are times I like her to be decked out and matchy matchy with a pretty hair bow, but honestly sometimes it's black stretchie pants and a T-shirt.  If it's raining sometimes we just stay in our jammies all day.  After the I get my ROR from the sugar police the fashion police can pick me up.

My Never Broken Nevers
1.  She will never sleep in the bed with us:  She's never slept with us.  I'm not willing to give up my sleep  or my, um, private time with my husband.  I've been romanced by the notion of midnight snuggles with my baby girl, especially since I don't get to spend as much time with her as I'd like during the week, but I sleep like a tornado and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  She's happy in her crib and I'm happy that she's there.

2.  She will have manners:  Ok, so I can't say for sure if this is true yet but I've never given up on trying to instill manners in my little monster.  Before she could speak I always modeled "please and thank you" and now that she can talk she always says "peese", but we're still working on thank you.  If she could only stop stealing her poor cousin's sippy cup she'd be a very polite little lady.

What are your nevers?  Have you broken them?
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bluewhitelife said...

From a teacher, don't ever give up instilling manners in your children :) It doesn't help to teach them to sit still when trying to learn either, but MOST of them pick up on that eventually. :)

Lil'Misa said...

Carter loves the damn Wiggles too. I was so against TV until one day he was screaming all day and DH decided to try some TV. Well damn it worked so now we put it on only when necessary, it is a last resort to making him happy.

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