Sunday, September 5, 2010

Deceptively Delicious

This post is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. In fact I'm pretty sure that Jessica Seinfeld is going about her life happily oblivious to my existence. However, I am not oblivious to hers since she up and married a celebrity and decided to write a cook book on how to fool our kids into eating their veggies.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Isabella is The Pickiest Eater and I needed to do something about it because, "she doesn't like veggies" just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. So on recommendation I picked up her book Deceptively Delicious and I have to say that it's been a really good investment.

Basically she gives you a ton of recipes that you add in veggie purees in to make your kid eat them. I've tried out nearly half the recipes and I love most of them. The muffins and desserts are the easiest I think because the flavor of the veggies is masked really well. Isabella has decided that she will no longer eat chicken but I still try to offer it to her regularly so maybe she'll get used to it. Sometimes she will just suck off the breading or the sauce which is where the veggies are hidden anyway so I'm fine with that.

Some of the recipes I couldn't get quite right, like the rice balls or the mozzarella sticks that just kind of fell flat in the pan, but overall I'm very happy.

I still offer her veggies so that she can see that we eat them and that they are a part of our meals. Sometimes she eats them and sometimes she doesn't but getting in healthy meals has become a lot easier. Now if someone would just write a book telling me how to get her to stop throwing her food off of her high chair and onto the floor...


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Babes Mami said...

I will have to grab this book! My son is now getting into the I don't like veggies stage at a year so, it's time to start the slight trickery.

Sarah said...

FYI - I found it at Kohls for $5!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

I was thinking about getting this. I saw it on Oprah awhile ago and my daughter dislikes veggies! My question is..are the recipes a lot of work? It just seems like it will require a lot of time to prep, steam, puree veggies and then make the dish on top of all that. Let me know!!

K A B L O O E Y said...

That's great news! Especially if the recipes work for an adult palate too.

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