Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Freckleface Strawberry Discount Code

This might be the coolest thing to happen to me since I started blogging and if you're in the NY tri-state area, or planning on visiting or driving up anytime soon, it could be awesome for you too!

Freckleface Strawberry is an off-Broadway play that is based on the best selling book written by Julianne Moore. Now it is becoming a musical that centers around a young girl who will do anything to rid herself of her freckles and red hair so that she can be just like everybody else.

I will be seeing the play on September 25th and I'm here to offer you a discount code for you to use on any performance. Tickets may be as low as $35! That is for sure worth a trip.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE and here is the discount code FSBOOK810

Hope you're able to enjoy this family friendly musical! Maybe I'll see you there!

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Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

I've never heard of this book (or play) now I'm intrigued. I'll have to check out the book!

Also, I tagged you in a survey!

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