Thursday, September 16, 2010

When Your Boss Reads Your Blog

There are a handful of people in real life who read my blog (Hi Nicole, Jasmine, Regina, Michelle, and Teresa) because apparently my e-friends have much better taste in on-line literature then my IRL ones. One of them is my boss. Now to answer what I'm sure is your first question, no I didn't walk up to my boss and give her the URL to my blog because that would have truly been asshattery at its finest.

Through a random chain of events, one of those ladies went from being an out of classroom pull out teacher working with 4th graders on test prep to becoming my assistant principal. But it gets better, I have been plucked from the classroom to fill her shoes, so when she observes me she'll probably be thinking, "That's not how it's done bitch." However, there's still more to the story. I've known her for years. We went to the same grammar school (different years) and our mom's worked together. She's the one who handed in my resume in the first place.

Now in all honesty, I very rarely discuss my job on my blog so there's very little chance of any conflict of interest or any other big words that might cause a pain in my ass. But, what if she sees me at a faculty meeting and is thinking about the fact that I have hemorrhoids or that sometimes I want to lock my child outside to get away from her incessant tantruming. What if she passes by me in the hallway and giggles at my pathetic attempts to get my kid to eat her veggies?

She's professional, and one tough cookie, so I think she'll be able to at least hold her laughter and mocking in until she's behind closed doors!

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Monster's Mommy said...

haha i love it! Sometimes I wonder what IRL people think who are reading my my mother-in-law.

misssrobin said...

I have lots of real world friends who read my blog. I'm okay with that. I'm a pretty genuine person. What you see is what you get.

The thing I worry about is family. I don't think any of them read my blog (although my husband's do), but I'm not sure. Plus I live in kind of a small town where my family has been since long before I was born. An everybody knows everybody kind of place. I just know one of these times something I write about my parents is going to get back to them. Not looking forward to that day.

But I will own it. Even if they are things I won't tell them, they are still true feelings. I write everything knowing that it's a possibility that everyone I know will find out.

I'm willing to bet you're safe with your boss.

UrbanGypsy said...

I have a few IRL folks that know I'm here. It's not so bad. . . you'll be fine!

REGINA said...

LMAOOOO I rarely have time to read anymore now that my job has me soo busy lol, but I decided to check out your blog today and came across this. I clicked on it because I thought you were talking about Ram for a minute lol!! Anyway let me put your mind as ease...Your blog makes me laugh, feel free to complain about work-I do, you hear me throughout the day lol, my kid doesn't eat veggies, in fact I have convinced myself that the fruit/veggie juice and Flinstones vitamins will suffice, and locking her outside isn't really bad if you let her back in, right?!! PS you're doing a great job, and I would always laugh with you, not at you, so no worries!!!

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