Friday, October 22, 2010

The Second Time Around

When I was pregnant with Isabella and people would ask me what I wanted, a boy or a girl, I smiled boldly and said with conviction "I don't care as long as the baby is healthy."  Well now that I've been around the proverbial baby block I have a few more specific requirements for baby number 2.

1.   Obviously healthy above all else.  Obviously.

2.  I would like a child that understands the word "no" and "wait" and "mommy needs to pee" from the get go.  That would be nice.

3.  I would like a baby that just knows how to sleep.  One that doesn't need to be trained, re-trained, nap trained, nap retrained.  I want a baby that loves sleep and knows how to sleep without being taught.  I would also like this to happen within the first 6 weeks, not the first 6 months.  Because half a year without sleep is insanity.

4.  It would be nice to have a kid that just ate his/her veggies without me pureeing them and sneaking them into the food.  I would just give them a bell pepper and they would just eat it.  I wouldn't have to bake it into a banana bread.

5.  I would like a child that had a natural inclination to clean up his/her toys because picking up the shit storm of toys every night is getting old.

Now I ask you, is this too much to ask?

In all honesty the baby isn't the only one who needs to shape up, I've made my fair share of mistakes and on the second go round I'd like to breast feed longer, be less of a raving lunatic, and I'm considering, considering, a natural child birth.
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TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Seems resonable to me. 6 months is waaay too long without sleep. Natural child birth though . . . shew, not for me. More power to you though if you can!

Erinsgobragh said...

Wow your a brave woman! Natrual?! Birth?! I was proud of myself for making it till 3 hours before I had Samantha before I had my epidural! But natural is a whole nother ball game!

Ya I can already tell Sam's gonna have a stubborn streak :P lol

pamelahutchins said...

Cleaning up the dog poop and mowing the yard are nice qualities once they get a little older ;)
Found your adorable blog on SITS. Nice to "meet" you!

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