Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes They're Just An Asshole

To say that this past Friday Isabella was a brat would be akin to saying that Oprah Winfrey has a little bit of money.  To put it plainly she was just being an asshole.  Now I know you're not supposed to call your kid an asshole and maybe I've just offended you to the point where you'll never be able to view my blog again and that's fine, but maybe, just maybe you've had this same thought.  And let's just clarify, I'm not saying that she is an asshole, I'm saying that on that particular day, she was acting like an asshole.

I was home on Friday due to some freak incident that I won't get into here b/c it's boring and I'm tired of talking about it.  Andy was home too so we were excited for a little impromptu family day.  Except that Isabella was flipping out, crying, throwing herself on the floor, scratching my neck in an attempt to get me to go where she wanted to (on the kitchen counter dumping out the sugar bowl).  She was in rare form and I had never seen her like that before.

Beware of the terror in footie pajamas
Andy and I were at our wits end; we ignored, we distracted, we were beyond frustrated.  Was this aftermath from her flu shot and boosters a couple of days before?  Were her teeth bothering her?  Was she really just being an asshole?  I didn't know and frankly I didn't care at that point.  We put her in for her nap extra early, of course she cried and flailed around in her crib like a mad woman, but eventually she fell asleep.  When she woke up she was in a slightly better mood.  She wasn't extra nice but she wasn't super bad either.

Saturday she was an angel and a pure pleasure to be around.  Sunday she was fantastic in the morning and afternoon but threw a 30 minute screaming fit because I wouldn't give her a second candy corn (the first one she found on the floor and apparently loved it).  This was the tantrum to end all tantrums.  I was half tempted just to give her the goddamned candy corn, but firstly it's basically pure sugar and secondly I didn't want her to think I would give into these shenanigans.  Eventually she calmed down and wanted to snuggle up on the couch and listen to her tunes, but holy moly for 30 minutes she acted like a mad woman.  I hope that this isn't a preview to the terrible two's because it looks like my alcohol bill might double.

So am I alone?  Have your kids ever acted like little assholes?
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MrsBro... said...

Yes Thomas acts like an Asshole and we totally call him on it. I don't care if someone calls CPS on us for saying it either.

Oddly enough it was right after his shots as well and we went through the same train of thought: shots? teeth? does he just hate us?

I pray the terrible 2's go easy on us. Otherwise we'll need e-drinking dates..

Bethany said...

Oh yes. We have been there...done that!! Olivia is only 20 months and I swear she is entering the terrible twos already! She can just be a whiny clingy terrorizing thing and it is not fun!! Glad to hear it's just not my child!

Ginger said...

well, mine is nearly 8 years old, and she still pulls this crap. We've only recently realized it was getting out of hand, and I've basically become Bitch Mom to bring things back in line. It's SO HARD, but worth it. Those tantrums you're describing were a daily occurrance in our house less than a year ago, and I'd had enough.

I know yours is little, but you're doing really well to set the stage now and not give in, even on stupid little things. Kids know, and they'll apply it to everything else in thier lives.

Believe me, I made that mistake. It's incredibly hard to undo...much easier to stand your ground now. <3

Nikole said...

haha this post is so funny to me, my kid acts like an asshole all the time, and thats okay, cause he gets over it, and then starts with the next asshole thing. Good for you for not giving in!

Desi said...

yes Liv has her days, definitley. It doesn't usually last a whole day, but I do the same thing...early nap! and it usually fixes the problem at least a little bit :).

Erin said...

Haha -- I just linked to you from somewhere -- and read the pumpkin spice latte post -- and it made me laugh! I learned to ask for a venti cup even though I order a drink -- and that helps keep the spilling/scalding/wasting to a minimum!

Jenn said...

How old is your daughter? Because mine is 11 months, and I'm not sure it'd be fair to call her an asshole since she's technically not doing these things intentionally ... but, man, I feel your pain! I'm dreading the terrible twos (I'm afraid my daughter is just an over-achiever and has already hit them) lol ... good luck!

Lil'Misa said...


Carter acts like an asshole sometimes. We've even used that word in our house because honestly it is the best way to describe his behavior and moods. I know he is just going to be a handful the older he gets.

I'm going to be stocking up on wine!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

My kid is an asshole regularly. In fact, I'm happy to read this because it makes me feel like I'm not alone (although not happy to hear that you went through this). It's the beginning of the terrible twos, I think :(. No fun.

Boondocks MaMa said...

Oh my gosh girl you are hilarious. I'm sitting here trying to muffle my guffah laughs so that my daughter doesn't wake up to her crazy bloggin mother! I love your blog layout by the way and thank you for your frank and honest post. Love it. Feels so good to know that I'm not alone in wanting to bop my daughter on the head sometimes;)

Sarah said...

oh yes, Lillian has fit the part the past few days. It sucks and I have a feeling it's only just begun... dun dun dunnnn

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