Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blind Date Giveaway

Right on the heels of Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage comes another wonderful opportunity for one of you lucky readers to go and see the Off-Broadway show for Blind Date.

Blind Date stars Rebecca Northan as Mimi, a temptress who lives out one blind date after another.  Where do these men come from?  Why the audience of course!  It's said to be hysterical and I can't wait to go and see it.  I love improv comedy and I love the theatre so I can't imagine the hilarity of Blind Date.

Blind Date is limited to only 18 performances from Dec 2-Dec 20 so now is the chance to say that you were able to see it...for free!

So if you live in or around the NYC area or know someone who does and would like to give this to them as a gift (the tickets will be held at the box office so you don't need to worry about mailing it), all you need to do is enter this giveaway.

1.  Follow my blog publicly (1 entry)
2.  Follow me on twitter (1 entry)
3.  Tweet about this giveaway, can be done once per day.  Make sure you leave a link (1 entry per tweet)
4.  Blog about this giveaway (5 entries)
5.  Refer a friend to this giveaway (1 entry per person referred, make sure they leave your name in the comment box)

Leave your e-mail if it's not linked in your profile.  Leave separate comments per entry and good luck.  This contest will run until Friday December 3rd and the winner will be notified by e-mail.

*I will be receiving two free tickets to see Blind Date in order to provide an honest review.  I haven't been able to do this yet because, duh, the show doesn't start for a few more days*
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In a Rut

I'm in a rut.  Yup, there I said it.  I've been it ruts before and I'm sure I'll be in them again and I know it will pass, but right now I'm smack dead in the middle of a rut.  I just feel like a robot sometimes.  I get up, get dressed, go to work, teach, come home, play with Isabella, make dinner, put her to bed, go to the gym, get ready for the next day, go to sleep.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

And it's not just that I'm not really doing anything interesting or spectacular, it's that I don't want to.  I don't want to do anything but be at home.  Now I know that's normal.  I should want to be home with my family.  And I do, but also my TV set and my computer.  I should want to spend some time with my friends or my family outside the confines of my home, no?

Whenever I do have plans, either on a weekday after Isabella has gone to sleep, right after work, or on a weekend (day or night), I don't want to do it.  I dread it.  I keep thinking to myself, "Just get through this day and tomorrow you get to stay home."

This is so not like me.  It's usually me wanting to do everything.  Wanting to see my friends.  Wanting to go out with Andy.  Not acting like coffee after work is equivalent to getting a root canal or drinks with the girls is like getting a pap smear.

Maybe it's because I'm tired or maybe it's because I'm bored or maybe I don't like doing the things I used to do (the thought of putting on make up and high heels and staying out past midnight makes me want to set my hair on fire and put it out with an ice pick, which is really not good b/c I have a friend's birthday night out on Friday bleh).  Maybe it's just a phase and it will pass.  I don't know but I do know that I'm in a bit of a rut so I've been brainstorming some things I can do to get out of it.

I can cut back a bit on the TV, computer, cell phone etc because it's becoming a bit draining and I don't like feeling like a zombie.  Maybe I can try something new.  They're offering a cooking class (not a weekly thing, just a one time 4 hour bit) at the Culinary Institute in Manhattan.  This could be something interesting for me to do.  I could also just bite the bullet and actually do something with my friends and I might *gasp* actually have fun, even if the lead up to it is dreadful.

I hope I snap out of this funk soon because I don't really feel like myself.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

CSN Teaser

If you've been around the blogosphere for a while you know that you can get anything at CSN from children's luggage to shoes to toys to, well basically anything.  So if you're looking for one stop holiday shopping CSN is the place to do it and stay tuned for some fun stuff from CSN.
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Featured Little Blogger: Waiting on Pink Lines

This week's Featured Little Guy Blogger is Mrs. Griffith from Waiting on Pink Lines. This blogger is struggling with infertility due to PCOS. I have to say that I admire her strength and grace in dealing with her diagnosis. She's undergone many fertility treatments and is confident that she will have a baby of her own one day weather it's through IVF, IUI, or adoption. Show your support for her.  Go and visit her at Waiting on Pink Lines
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Friday, November 26, 2010

All My Thanks

This year I give thanks for

  1. My beautiful family.  Andy and Isabella can be assholes at times, but they are my everything.
  2. Faith and all the times it has bolstered me and carried me through when I thought there was no going on.
  3. That cancer is not a death sentence and for early detection.
  4. For my friends.  I may bitch about how I feel like I don't fit in with them and how I feel isolated, but that's more my stuff than there's and when push comes to shove, they love me and are there for me.  I just need to learn how to ask.  So I'm thankful for Meaghan, Christie, Crotch, Christina, Teresa, Lara, and Nicole.  
  5. For Isabella's cousins.  It's like three extra sisters (Daniella, Gianna, and Sophia).
  6. That I have a job that I love and that I am good at.
  7. For family traditions, like playing cards after Thansgiving dinner and fights about the kiddie table, and cranberry sauce out of a jar (you know so it still looks like a can).
  8. For all of you.  I love getting your feedback,  I love that you let me peek into your lives, I love that you don't laugh at me when I have my head up my ass, I love that you give me advice, I love that you hunker down with me when I'm blue and cheer for me when I'm up, I love that you allow me to do the same for you.  
Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.  We have it at my mom's house and I got lots of help from family with Isabella which is good because Thanksgiving Eve is my favorite night to go out and a tradition with me and my friends for years.  Hopefully it's one that we can carry on for a while, ya know until we're way too old to be going to a club, which may or may not be next year since we're all getting pretty old.  

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Way Back Wordless Wednesday

My sister and I in 2007
Me and Lara 2008

Somewhere between cute pregnant and whale pregnant

Isabella at 28 weeks
Crazy face at 2 days old

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Time It's My Husband Who's the Asshole

Getting yelled at sucks.  Getting yelled at by your husband is even worse.  Getting yelled at by your husband in front of your  mother and sister is the pits.  Getting yelled at by your husband in front of your mother and sister because his parents forgot to bring your daughter's sound machine and lovey home after a sleepover and you got annoyed is just out and out ridiculous.

I vote...asshole

And, since I'm so mature, I also vote...silent treatment.

*As of publish time he has since apologized.  Jerk*
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage Review

Saturday was finally our date night and we went into Manhattan to go see Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage starring Eve Plumb (who played Jan Brady in the original Brady Bunch...how cool is that?)  It was hysterical.

Miss Abigail, along with her very, very, handsome assistant Paco, talk the audience through dating, mating, and marriage by using advice that has been around for centuries.  From flirting to sex Miss A covers it all in a way that will have you laughing out loud.  This play is far from a stuffy old theatre performance where white haired ladies shush you when you try to open your twizzlers during the overture.  It's modern, fresh and interactive.  Yup that's right, there is a lot of audience participation.  Andy even got pulled up on stage at one point!  I thought he would die of embarrassment but he licked his lips and showed his hiney with the best of them.  Miss A even has a section at the end of the play where she takes your questions.  And if that wasn't reason enough to see it, they have a bar.  And you can drink while you're watching the play.

This show would be a great date night, girls night out, or as the precursor for a bachelorette or birthday party.  I had a blast and so did Andy.  There were times where I thought I might honestly pee my pants from laughing so hard.  And Paco sure was delicious eye candy and nice, because he walked around in the beginning of the show and was talking to the audience.  The show is in a small, intimate theatre where you really feel connected to the actors.  Ticket's for Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage can be purchased by clicking HERE.  If you live in or around the NYC area or know someone who does or will be visiting, tickets to the show would make a great holiday gift.  Use the code DATING to get tickets for as low as $45.  If you do go see the show make sure you let me know how you liked it.

Miss Abigai's Guide is 90 minutes long and it plays in Sofia's Downstairs Theatre, which is right below Sofia's, a very delicious Italian restaurant so you can do the show and dinner in one fell swoop.  There are plenty of other restaurants in the area as well as shops, attractions, and parking lots.  Have fun!

*I did receive two free tickets to go see Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage in order to provide a review.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way*

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Featured Little Blogger: Lost and Holding Hands

This week's Featured Little Guy Blogger is Lynn from Lost and Holding Hands. Lynn has an adorable young son and she also works full time as an accounting clerk. She started blogging for the same reasons many of us did, to keep track of the day to day life that we're so scared we'll forget and because she's a baby book slacker, like yours truly. She shares openly about her life and family so stop by and show her some support.

The Helping the Little Guy Project is now closed.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Going Public

A lot of bloggers are very open about their blog in real life; they link it on facebook and invite all of their friends and family to read it.  No one even new I had a blog until last spring when I was involved in a contest for Scholastic and I put the link in a facebook status update once.  I almost instantly regretted it.  Not because I think I'm a bad writer but because I feel very vulnerable on here.  It's my space to be completely Mommy Naked without having to see people's reactions to what I'm saying.  Until then no one had any idea and I had already been blogging for the better part of a year if not longer.

However, some people I know in real life read it and really like it.  So I've been toying with the idea about being a bit more open about it.  The people who do read it, I have no problems talking about it.  Sometimes I even like it because, let's face it, I kind of like to talk about myself.  All of my close friends know about it and so does anyone else who saw that status update and bothered to click the link, which is probably not many.  I've was thinking about making a facebook page for it, but ultimately decided not too.

I admire so many writers willing to open themselves up like that, I just don't think that's the path for me at this particular time.  I will gladly talk about what I write about with anyone who knows about it and I bring it up in conversation if it it naturally comes up, I just don't think I'm ready to promote it to my in real life public just yet.  Although I reserve the right to change my mind later.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

If You Kind of Like Me

Nominate me!  If you think I suck, disregard.  

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Umm...Will You Go Out With Me?

I love my friends.  We go way back and that bond will never be broken, but I need to realize that I just don't fit in their life as neatly as I once did.  I'm kind of getting phased out and while they'll always be a part of my life I need some mom friends.  So I'm a mom on the prowl.  Let me regale you with some of my most recent attempts at making new friends, which ain't easy when you're old and already slightly anti-social and awkward.

Situation #1: I'm trying to poach one of Andy's friends as my own.  I never like anyone and I really like this girl.  She has a daughter that's about 3 months older than Isabella and an older son.  She's been friends with Andy since high school, but she more or less keeps in touch with Andy's best friend and his wife.  So I've seen her a lot at family parties and reunions and she's a girl after my own heart.  And the best part is, she actually reached out to me.  About a month ago on facebook she sent me a message with her phone number.  Score!  So I invited her to get together once and she couldn't because she had something to do.  So I'm not sure, do I ask her to do something again?  Do I wait for her to make the next move?  I don't know.  I've never been good at the rules of dating.

Situation #2:  A girl at work has a son a few months younger than Isabella.  She and I actually worked together for a year before I left 2nd grade for 3rd.  We were always friendly, but never really hung out outside of work.  However, this year we've been talking and we've kind of hit it off.  So we're going to get together with the kids and I'll see where it goes from there.  Although, she's a lot skinnier than me and she's always put together.  Is having a mom friend worth being known as the chubby, shlubby one?  Hmmm...I guess it depends on her shoe size, if we can share then she's in lol.

Ok so there's only really 2 situations which is kind of lame in and of itself, but at least I have a situation right?
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day Care Debut

Isabella started day care.  I was a nervous wreck.  I had completely resigned myself to the fact that she wouldn't sleep, eat, or play nicely.  Even though she's only going one day a week, thanks to my husbands rotating work schedule and my awesome sister's willingness to give up her days off, I was sure that she would develop some sort of abandonment complex.  What if she wanted one of us in the middle of the day and was scared?  What if her teachers were mean to her? (fat chance since I can watch them on web cams), What if she didn't eat and was so hungry?  What if...what if...what if?

To my surprise she handled it like a champ.  Andy brought her in and she didn't even cry at the drop off.  I called at lunch to check in on her and her teacher told me that she was having lots of fun, she ate all her lunch, sat down and listened to story time and had fun during a music project.  When Andy picked her up at 3 we found out that she had slept for 2 hours (apparently she'll nap for strangers but gets off on torturing us) and played nicely all day.  She didn't cry once!  I'm so proud of her.  My girl is one adaptable cutie.

I'm still uneasy about the situation.  I really wish that my mom could be the one to watch her but that's not my reality.  But honestly, I think it's good that she gets to play with other kids and is exposed to experiences that I can't give her on my own.  And I might let her go one day a week through the summer and next year even if my mom can watch her.  It will give her a chance to interact and socialize and it will give me a bit of a break in the summer when I'm on full time mommy mode so I can lounge by the pool clean in peace.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Date Night

Date nights have been few and far between these days.  It's very rare that we have the inclination to go out on a weeknight when my sister, Meaghan, is available to babysit.  Although last week, we did go out for beer and wings, classy no?  Weekends are really hard too because, to start, Andy works two weekends a month and my sister is a hairdresser so she works on the weekends (not that I would ever steal her weekend because she watches Isabella 2 days a week for free).  My mom isn't well enough to watch her and to take her to my in-laws is a 45 minute drive.

However, date nights are important.  They allow us a few child-free hours to reconnect, reminisce, and relax.  Sometimes it's a low key dinner or a movie and sometimes it's a big to-do.  We've both decided that we need to make more of a commitment to having semi-regular date nights.

A few weeks ago I ran a promotion for Miss. Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage  and, while I was so super excited that I was able to go, based on the title Andy was less than enthusiastic.  However, I nagged convinced him that it would be a great way for us to have an out and out date night.  I've arranged for Isabella to spend the night at my in-laws.  We're going to see the show, grab dinner and a few drinks, come home, yaddah yaddah yaddah, sleep in and have breakfast in bed.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  How do you manage to make time for your date nights?

*I did receive two free tickets to see the play in order for me to write a review.  This post is clearly not a review it just happened to fit in with what  I wanted to yak about anyway.  If you want to see the show at a discounted rate just use the code DATING. *
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Featured Little Blogger: Day in the Life

This week's featured Little Guy Blogger is Allyson from Day in the Life. She's a single mom with an adorable son named Parker who just started Kindergarten this year, so if you have a school aged child I'm sure you can relate to a lot of her posts. Allyson is sarcastic and very endearing. When you read her blog you feel like you're sitting down with a good friend having a chat over coffee, so when you visit be prepared to stick around.

Helping the Little Guy Project is now closed.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What People Must Think!

I truly believe that children are sent from God to make us look bad.  Really I think this.  It all starts from when they're tiny little newborns and you're so blindsided by their innocence that you can't really see the forest for the trees until they make you look like a liar.  You'll say something like, "Oh little Johnny is such an angel he hardly ever cries," which will of course trigger a 3 hour crying jag.  You'll protest that this is the first time this has ever happened and the people around you will nod sympathetically all the while thinking that you're a filthy little liar.

I've already passed that stage, now I'm in the "look what my super awesome kid can do" phase.  I'll be with friends or family and I'll say, "Look what my super awesome kid can do, she can count to ten/say the ABC's (up to the letter H), do the Rock-A-Bye-Your-Bear dance/point to her nose, tongue eyes, hair, belly, toes, buns/whatever" which are all things she can do and has done a thousand times at home, but the second I ask her to do these things in front of people she just sits there with this smug look on her face like, "I'm not a trained seal mom."  Again I get that sympathetic look with undernotes of them thinking I am again, a filthy liar.  Which I'm not and I swear once my kid quits trying to eat my cell phone I'll get a video and prove it!

This is not the extent to which Isabella will embarrass me.  She's a parrot and pretty much repeats everything she hears, however sometimes she'll say something that I will understand, but other people won't.  When trying to get Isabella to start drinking more water and less juice we started calling water juice, which surprisingly seemed to work for her.  So she'll run around asking for juice, when it's really water.  Although I do still give her watered down juice in the morning.  For some reason she calls sweet potatoes "pie", when she tries to say socks she says "cocks" and when she wants a treat she says "teets".  She loves rice cakes but calls them "cookies". The sock thing has surely gotten me some strange looks in public and people must surely think that all the child eats is pie, cookies and juice.  But don't worry because I totally plan on getting her back when she's in high school.

How has your kid ever embarrassed you?
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Talk TV

There is nothing that makes me feel so guilty and at peace in the same moment than TV, not for myself but for Isabella.  The doctors all say no TV until 2, well I've broken that rule.  A lot.  Are cartoons really going to turn Isabella into some mindless zombie?  Is she doomed to have to fill a Ritalin script until she's an old lady?  I don't know.  I hope not.  I grew up on TV and I'm semi-well adjusted, but maybe that's some fluke.

I know some mom's who don't allow any TV.  They don't even keep it on for background noise.  Are they freaks?  Or are they just kick ass moms?  Now I'm not plopping little miss Hells Bells in front of the tube while I sip mimosas on the deck (although that does create a nice visual), but I like the background noise.  In all honesty the only show I can count on her watching from start to finish is the Wiggles (God love 'em), but other than that, she likes the theme songs and then is pretty much over it.  Once in a while there will be a song or a commercial jingle that will catch her attention.  However, I will admit to using the TV as a babysitter so I can cook or get dressed and sometimes we'll snuggle up together and watch a show.

Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about television for my child.  She's out everyday, even in the cold weather.  One or two outings in the morning (park, gym, mall, walking, out for breakfast, museum, aquarium, play date) and one in the afternoon (visit grandma, park, walk, deck, out to dinner) so she's out a lot and we play a lot in her room, but to say that there's no TV involved would be a boldface lie and that's so not my scene.

So how do you feel about TV?  No judging, just curious.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Abundatrade Review

Got junk?  I mean old CD's, DVD's, and books that have been listened to, watched, and read.  Are these items taking up space in your home and you just plum can't take it anymore?  You should look into Abundatrade.  It's an awesome, easy to use website where you simply type in the bar code number and it tells you what the CD, DVD, or book is worth and you decide if you want to sell it to them or not.

I tried it and I thought it was great.  I have CD's that I've already put onto iTunes, DVD's that I'm never going to watch again, and books that I've already read, including some textbooks from my grad classes.  It took me maybe 15 minutes on the website, I shipped the items, and the money was transfered into my paypal account.  Couldn't have been easier and it's cleared up a lot of the clutter in my bedroom.

The only drawback is that some items, if they were overstocked, were only purchased for 5 cents, so there were some books that I decided to hang onto and maybe try again later.  Also, it kind of burns to see well over $200 worth of stuff sell for only $70 bucks or so, but it's better than nothing right?

So if you're a bit run over with CD's, DVD's, and books and you don't want to deal with bidding and such on e-bay, check out abundatrade.  It's super easy and fast. Additionally, you can buy items from there site too. Let me know if you use it and like it.  Visit www.abundatrade.com

In keeping with FTC regulations I was provided with a free shipping code.  The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and have not been influenced in any way.  
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Money Matters

I've talked about poop on here, about sex, about depression and loneliness, I've prattled on about most topics under the sun but I don't think I've ever explicitly written a post about money and I couldn't think of a reason not too.  Some people are funny about money, thinking it's a taboo topic even amongst friends.  I don't get too uptight about it so here's our money situation: we have it, just not a whole lot of it.

I feel fortunate to not really have been affected by the recession.  Andy and I are both public servants, our jobs are respectable and I personally knew that neither of us were in danger of being laid off.  However, we did see a dramatic decline in Andy's overtime.  He used to make an extra $20-$30K a year just in overtime so we've been feeling the effects of that being cut nearly in half.

When I was growing up it was always in an apartment.  No back yard, no pool, always neighbors above or below and on both sides.  We played stoop ball and asses up.  It was what it was and I have no regrets about my childhood; my parents did the best that they could and I think they did a great job with my brother, sister, and myself, but I knew that that wasn't what I wanted for my children.

And I have a house, a small townhouse that we're very quickly outgrowing, that seems to have something breaking every time I turn around, but it's ours.  That being said, we bought at the worst possible time (right before the bubble burst) and even though we've done a ton of work to the house, it's very unlikely we'll make a return on our investment.  But we want another house.  A bigger house means a bigger family.  I'm not in a rush to have another baby by any means, but things take time and I'd like to get the ball rolling sooner than later.

I also have an ass ton of student loan debt.  Maybe I shouldn't have opted for a very expensive college after all, because what I pay each month is probably equivalent to someone's rent or mortgage, granted I'm paying triple the minimums but it's still a lot of money.

That's one of the reasons why I work.  I want bigger and better things and those things don't come cheap.  I want Isabella to have a big back yard and a brother or sister to play in it with.  I want her to have a college fund this way when the time comes she has a choice as to wether or not she wants to work or stay home and raise her family.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Featured Little Blogger: Travels in Heels

I liked this week's Little Guy Blogger based solely on the name of her blog: Travels in Heels because I love traveling and I love heels and I don't often get to indulge either so I'm all about living vicariously through this blog. Travels in Heels lives in Atlanta and she busts her booty working in sales. Her blog is eclectic in its subject matter, pictures of trips to Italy, cocktail recipes, and fashion are some of the many topics she discusses. Oh and heels of course. Go and pay her a visit.

The Helping the Little Guy Project is now closed

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Nap Snatcher

I would love to know who stole my daughter's long nap?  Well relatively long.  Long for her I should say.  We all know that Isabella has a lot better things to do than making nap time easy for her mom.  Nap time however is non-negotiable in this house.  I think I've read too many books that say if your kid isn't napping X amount of hours a day s/he will turn into some sort of sleep deprived sociopath with ADHD and bad breath.

So I've come along way in the nap department (oh and I realize that about half of you just clicked the little x on the top of the screen because, sleep habits? Again? Really?).  I went from her napping in my arms, to rocking her and putting her in her crib, to her sleeping on her own.  But she goes through weird nap phases.  She'll take really good naps for like 3 weeks.  A good nap means minimal crying, sleeping at least an hour (which is good for her and if your toddler sleeps longer than that you can keep it to yourself mkay?), and she doesn't wake up like a screaming banshee.  I'm not even setting the bar that high, let's say 2 out of the 3 is good with me.  However, she'll have a random week thrown in here or there where she screams bloody murder before her nap, naps for 40 minutes, and wakes up like some sort of swamp monster.

This is one of those weeks. I can't think of anything I can do to help this kid nap better.  I have room darkening shades, we have the same routine every day, I use a white noise machine.  Aside from taking the nap for her, there's nothing I can do.  I just wish I had a little perspective on why she's so inconsistent.  All I know is that I'm not ready to give up my mid day siesta until she's at least two and a half so it looks like I'm in for quite a bit more nap troubles.  And sadly, dear readers, I'm dragging you kicking and screaming along for the ride.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've really tried to be present through all of Isabella's stages and not try to rush through them to get to the "good stuff."  With the exception of those first three months because that was brutal.  However, I was always very excited for the day that Isabella could communicate to me what she wants, this way I'm not trying to decipher grunts and whines to figure out if she wants an apple or if she wants me to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider...again.

However, the old addage "be careful what you wish for" is sadly true.  Isabella's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and she's even started stringing words together, but it seems that Isabella wants very few things: her cousin Daniella who lives 45 minutes away, Dora, lollipops, apples, and the spider song.  Simple...yes.  Convenient...no.

When it's 15 minutes to bed time and she's yelling "Danlella, are you?" (Daniella where are you?) I can't exactly beam the kid to my house, unless her mother wants to invest in driving lessons for her 3 year old daughter I'm pretty sure I can't deliver on that request.

Dora, I don't mind if she watches a Dora cartoon, but after she asks for the thousandth time and I finally put it on (what did mom's do before on demand?), she watches about 10 seconds of it and shuts it off.  10 minutes later, she's asking again and round and round we go.

Lollipops is a new Halloween inspired phenomenon.  If she sees anything resembling a lollipop she's insisting for one.  This I usually don't give in on because I haven't figured out if my insurance covers invisaline.

Apples and The Itsy Bitsy Spider I can get down with.

Toddlerdom is a whole new world and I have to say that despite the tantrums I'm really loving it.

Oh and I forgot to mention that "no" is probably her favorite word.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Told You She Was a Witch!

And a cute one at that!  She loved trick or treating with her cousins in Brooklyn and she is absolutely obsessed with lollipops.  She ran around the house all night like some crazy, hopped up lunatic.  I love Halloween.  So much fun and so much more exciting now that she's older and can actually enjoy it.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Featured Little Blogger: One Step Journeys

This week's featured blogger is SpitFire from One Step Journeys. She had a husband who is periodically deployed and she has two young daughters, so you can imagine what her day to day life is like. She's also feisty and not afraid to speak her mind. SpitFire got introduced to the world of blogging by her mom! How cool is that? Go and send her some comment love and support and if you like what you see stay awhile and tell her that I sent you.

Helping the Little Guy Project is now closed :(

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