Friday, November 26, 2010

All My Thanks

This year I give thanks for

  1. My beautiful family.  Andy and Isabella can be assholes at times, but they are my everything.
  2. Faith and all the times it has bolstered me and carried me through when I thought there was no going on.
  3. That cancer is not a death sentence and for early detection.
  4. For my friends.  I may bitch about how I feel like I don't fit in with them and how I feel isolated, but that's more my stuff than there's and when push comes to shove, they love me and are there for me.  I just need to learn how to ask.  So I'm thankful for Meaghan, Christie, Crotch, Christina, Teresa, Lara, and Nicole.  
  5. For Isabella's cousins.  It's like three extra sisters (Daniella, Gianna, and Sophia).
  6. That I have a job that I love and that I am good at.
  7. For family traditions, like playing cards after Thansgiving dinner and fights about the kiddie table, and cranberry sauce out of a jar (you know so it still looks like a can).
  8. For all of you.  I love getting your feedback,  I love that you let me peek into your lives, I love that you don't laugh at me when I have my head up my ass, I love that you give me advice, I love that you hunker down with me when I'm blue and cheer for me when I'm up, I love that you allow me to do the same for you.  
Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.  We have it at my mom's house and I got lots of help from family with Isabella which is good because Thanksgiving Eve is my favorite night to go out and a tradition with me and my friends for years.  Hopefully it's one that we can carry on for a while, ya know until we're way too old to be going to a club, which may or may not be next year since we're all getting pretty old.  

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In The Babyhood said...
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In The Babyhood said...
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In The Babyhood said...

I'm thankful for blogger mama's who keep it real ;-)

The Bipolar Diva said...

I love your list! :)

Alex said...

First time on your blog. Love it!.
loved your list!

Klove said...

Great list. Love it!
I'm a new follower. Found you on Swinging by Sunday. Check me out:

Grace Matthews said...

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

I'm glad you had a good holiday. Hey anytime you need help with Isabella you can send that sweet little face to me. I'd love to spoil her. I have a house full of boys :P

Melissa said...

Following you from the blog hop!

Hope you can stop by :)

Sofia's Ideas said...

Your list is quite different from the ones I've been reading around the blogosphere, thats for sure! :) LOL!
I'm now following you through the Swingin' By Sunday Blog Hop. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

Sofia's Ideas

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