Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Going Public

A lot of bloggers are very open about their blog in real life; they link it on facebook and invite all of their friends and family to read it.  No one even new I had a blog until last spring when I was involved in a contest for Scholastic and I put the link in a facebook status update once.  I almost instantly regretted it.  Not because I think I'm a bad writer but because I feel very vulnerable on here.  It's my space to be completely Mommy Naked without having to see people's reactions to what I'm saying.  Until then no one had any idea and I had already been blogging for the better part of a year if not longer.

However, some people I know in real life read it and really like it.  So I've been toying with the idea about being a bit more open about it.  The people who do read it, I have no problems talking about it.  Sometimes I even like it because, let's face it, I kind of like to talk about myself.  All of my close friends know about it and so does anyone else who saw that status update and bothered to click the link, which is probably not many.  I've was thinking about making a facebook page for it, but ultimately decided not too.

I admire so many writers willing to open themselves up like that, I just don't think that's the path for me at this particular time.  I will gladly talk about what I write about with anyone who knows about it and I bring it up in conversation if it it naturally comes up, I just don't think I'm ready to promote it to my in real life public just yet.  Although I reserve the right to change my mind later.
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Dani G said...

It's definitely a personal choice and once you go public you might change what you say. My MIL reads my blog so I certainly don't complain about her. I do link to my blog on my FB. However, I go private in another way. Since much of my blog is about life with my daughter and her autism, I don't use her real name or our last names (which are different anyway). I recently started a new FB fan page for the blog (have you "liked" it yet?) too.

Shell said...

With the exception of a about 3 people irl, none of my family or friends knows about mine. I just feel more free that way. I don't know if I'll ever tell them.

Christina said...

i completely agree glad to know im not the only private blogger

Sarah said...

NONE of my friends or family follow my blog. I really prefer it that way because I have the option to really say what I want and not worry how they'll react. Facebook is such a public place. It give me anxiety to think about it!

Desi said...

I think I would definitley make the same choice as you. You would have to constantly think whether or not you should be censoring yourself about a certain subject.

Alex said...

I recently started blogging and I instantly told everyone I knew. I'm a blabber mouth that way. Most of the the people that I know that read my blog have given me good feed back.. there were the usual "haters" and I admit I did regret it for like a minute more like a second,but then I was like who cares what people say or think? if they don't like it they don't have to read it. My intention with my blog is not to talk bad or hurt anyones feelings. Its about my opinions and my experiences. On one of my post my mom got a little upset at me because of something I said and I told her you can't get mad at that it happened, I mean I'm not going to lie about anything or anyone. So, I understand why you would go private. You are avoiding a lot of headaches. Thank you for the post. I could def relate!

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