Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Time It's My Husband Who's the Asshole

Getting yelled at sucks.  Getting yelled at by your husband is even worse.  Getting yelled at by your husband in front of your  mother and sister is the pits.  Getting yelled at by your husband in front of your mother and sister because his parents forgot to bring your daughter's sound machine and lovey home after a sleepover and you got annoyed is just out and out ridiculous.

I vote...asshole

And, since I'm so mature, I also vote...silent treatment.

*As of publish time he has since apologized.  Jerk*
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UrbanGypsy said...

I agree. Hang in there.

In The Babyhood said...

Yes, the silent treatment is certainly the most mature response. I should know...I'm super mature and I use it all the time ;-)

*Nikki* said...

oh i love it..i am going to follow your blog and add it to my bloggy list!
i can see us having a lot in common!

misssrobin said...

I hate getting yelled at no matter who is yelling. Sorry. It sounds like there was a ton of stress and it all got spewed on you.

Someone owes you flowers.

Alex said...

Getting yelled at really sucks! Glad to hear he came to his senses and apologized!

PS I'm the queen at the silent treatment! :)

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