Friday, November 19, 2010

Umm...Will You Go Out With Me?

I love my friends.  We go way back and that bond will never be broken, but I need to realize that I just don't fit in their life as neatly as I once did.  I'm kind of getting phased out and while they'll always be a part of my life I need some mom friends.  So I'm a mom on the prowl.  Let me regale you with some of my most recent attempts at making new friends, which ain't easy when you're old and already slightly anti-social and awkward.

Situation #1: I'm trying to poach one of Andy's friends as my own.  I never like anyone and I really like this girl.  She has a daughter that's about 3 months older than Isabella and an older son.  She's been friends with Andy since high school, but she more or less keeps in touch with Andy's best friend and his wife.  So I've seen her a lot at family parties and reunions and she's a girl after my own heart.  And the best part is, she actually reached out to me.  About a month ago on facebook she sent me a message with her phone number.  Score!  So I invited her to get together once and she couldn't because she had something to do.  So I'm not sure, do I ask her to do something again?  Do I wait for her to make the next move?  I don't know.  I've never been good at the rules of dating.

Situation #2:  A girl at work has a son a few months younger than Isabella.  She and I actually worked together for a year before I left 2nd grade for 3rd.  We were always friendly, but never really hung out outside of work.  However, this year we've been talking and we've kind of hit it off.  So we're going to get together with the kids and I'll see where it goes from there.  Although, she's a lot skinnier than me and she's always put together.  Is having a mom friend worth being known as the chubby, shlubby one?  Hmmm...I guess it depends on her shoe size, if we can share then she's in lol.

Ok so there's only really 2 situations which is kind of lame in and of itself, but at least I have a situation right?
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misssrobin said...

We all have those moments when we feel insecure, and starting new relationships can be a big one. Isolation can make us feel less worthy. If no one is hanging out with us does that mean that we aren't fun?

You need to believe in yourself. You are an incredible woman with a lot to offer. Try not to feel like these two people are your only options or you will get desperate. That's not pretty on anyone.

The worst part of dating is the mind games. Don't play those with potential friends. If you want to get to know her better and do something together then ask again. Moms are busy; you know that. She may turn you down a couple of times before you can make it work. Don't let your self-consciousness stop you from trying or you might miss the opportunity.

And it takes a strong woman to hang out with someone she thinks is prettier than her. Be the strong one. She probably needs a friend, too. No one wants to be rejected because they are too pretty.

Too bad you don't live closer. I would go out with you. And we would have fun. Because we are both cool!

Be brave. Take a chance. And then be proud of yourself.

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