Sunday, November 14, 2010

What People Must Think!

I truly believe that children are sent from God to make us look bad.  Really I think this.  It all starts from when they're tiny little newborns and you're so blindsided by their innocence that you can't really see the forest for the trees until they make you look like a liar.  You'll say something like, "Oh little Johnny is such an angel he hardly ever cries," which will of course trigger a 3 hour crying jag.  You'll protest that this is the first time this has ever happened and the people around you will nod sympathetically all the while thinking that you're a filthy little liar.

I've already passed that stage, now I'm in the "look what my super awesome kid can do" phase.  I'll be with friends or family and I'll say, "Look what my super awesome kid can do, she can count to ten/say the ABC's (up to the letter H), do the Rock-A-Bye-Your-Bear dance/point to her nose, tongue eyes, hair, belly, toes, buns/whatever" which are all things she can do and has done a thousand times at home, but the second I ask her to do these things in front of people she just sits there with this smug look on her face like, "I'm not a trained seal mom."  Again I get that sympathetic look with undernotes of them thinking I am again, a filthy liar.  Which I'm not and I swear once my kid quits trying to eat my cell phone I'll get a video and prove it!

This is not the extent to which Isabella will embarrass me.  She's a parrot and pretty much repeats everything she hears, however sometimes she'll say something that I will understand, but other people won't.  When trying to get Isabella to start drinking more water and less juice we started calling water juice, which surprisingly seemed to work for her.  So she'll run around asking for juice, when it's really water.  Although I do still give her watered down juice in the morning.  For some reason she calls sweet potatoes "pie", when she tries to say socks she says "cocks" and when she wants a treat she says "teets".  She loves rice cakes but calls them "cookies". The sock thing has surely gotten me some strange looks in public and people must surely think that all the child eats is pie, cookies and juice.  But don't worry because I totally plan on getting her back when she's in high school.

How has your kid ever embarrassed you?
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Jen said...

My 1 year old just took to holding on to the front part of my bra and to my bra strap whenever I hold him. Let's just say it makes for an uncomfortable moment in public when I am trying to hand him to someone else to hold, and he doesn't want to go. You can only imagine what that might look like. =)

misssrobin said...

Please allow me to assure you that the only moms who don't believe you are the ones who are also new. Those of us who have been down the road a time or two totally have your back on this.

Been there, done that, survived with flying colors. You will, too.

Oh, and the super loud belch at a very quiet moment in church probably still takes the cake. It did not sound like my 8 month old daughter. Luckily, my husband was there so most people looked at him.

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