Friday, December 10, 2010


If anything is going to put me into an early grave it's commuting hands down.  My house and my job are about 45 minutes apart, which would be annoying, but not terrible except that I have to drive through Staten Island which means I'm stuck in a boat load of traffic.  So my commute jumps to an hour to an hour and a half.  That means that I spend 2-3 hours a day in my car.

The morning commute isn't bad.  I have my radio, I have my coffee and it's quiet.  I'm still stuck in traffic at an ungodly early hour but it's not terrible.  It's that afternoon drive that gets me, because all I want to do is be home.  When we move we're thinking that we'll definitely have to move closer to the city because the drive is really wearing me down.  And I love, and I mean love, when people say to me, "Oh I don't know how you do it."  Well it's either that or the unemployment line, so I do it.  We can't live in NY since Andy is a state trooper in NJ, he has to live here.

Maybe if people didn't drive like out and out douche bags it would make life easier.  For example, people who dart in and out of lanes in bumper to bumper traffic drive me crazy.  Seriously?  Where do they think they're going?  People who drive on the shoulder in traffic, because I was just sitting here for my health.  People who rubber neck at a fender bender that is pulled over to the side of the road, that's not blocking any traffic which causes mile long back ups is insane to me.  People who drive 15 mph when there's a tiny wet drizzle.  And anyone who drives a BMW because, in my experience, they are the most aggressive and arrogant drivers (sorry to all the beamer owners out there).  C'mon people get your shit together!
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Krystal said...

My commute is the same way. :( 45 minutes to work... about an hour and fifteen home with the traffic. It's absolutely wretched and my back is hating me for sitting so long!!

Ruby said...

Your commit was my life almost 2 years ago when the hubs was in the navy in San Diego and my job was 2hrs away in Orange County. The drive killed me I hated it I was never home or at least that's how it felt n like you we couldn't move closer because my hubs was stationed in San Diego hang in there! Hugs

Jess said...

lol yeah everyone I've ever seen drive a BMW had been the worst driver ever and kind of a douche bag if you ask me ha ha. Good blog!

Hanna said...

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