Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Hairiest Time of Day

The most difficult time of day in the Eclipsed household is dinner time hands down.  I think it's a combination of the fact that I am just getting home from work and am already frazzled, trying to get my stuff down and pee while Isabella climbs up me like a little monkey (she usually winds up in the bathroom with me), then I only get about 15 minutes to decompress and play with her before I start dinner.  I usually do a lot of the prep work on the weekend so making dinner usually only takes me about 20-30 minutes, but it doesn't matter if Andy is home or not because the only place Isabella wants to be is with me, which is fantastic but it's hard to pay attention to a stove and a toddler simultaneously.

But dinner always gets made and once it is the real fun begins.  She doesn't want to sit in her high chair (I really need to get the kid a booster seat).  She doesn't like the dinner I made (even though she devoured it last week), she throws it on the floor, I get upset, she does it again, she rubs it in her hair, she tosses her food/fork/cup off the side of the high chair.  I don't enjoy my meal.  I wind up cleaning a meal I spent so much time on off the floor.

Almost everyday and it's the pits.  All she wants to eat is fruit and any form of dairy.  No meat and no vegetables unless they're pureed and hidden, which they are.  It's so frustrating and when I'm alone it's ten times worse.  Thank God this time of day is followed by quiet play and bath time which is awesome and peaceful.  Bubbles in the tub provide endless entertainment.

How do you survive this time of day because I'm half tempted to feed her bananas and laughing cow baby bel cheese out of a trough on the floor and call it a day!
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Amanda said...

We have similar problems at dinner time. Feeding a toddler must be THE real miracle diet, because I know I am not eating well because of it.

Emily said...

That would be incredibly frustrating!! Though, this morning's breakfast started with throwing yogurt in my face, then came the tantrum, then came the projectile vomit followed by blow-out poop. Sometimes when it rains it pours I guess...

The Bipolar Diva said...

Dinners are the worst for me too! For me though, it's xanex time :)

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