Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Co-Sleeping Experience

I have vowed to never ever let Isabella sleep in the bed with Andy and I but I apparently also vowed to break all my vows anyway.  I just wanted to curl up and take a nap with her (my night time sleep is too precious).  She's getting so big, and while she loves giving hugs and kisses, it's very rare that I get a long snuggle so I figured that I would  stock up on snuggles during a lovely co-nap.  Why I thought it would turn out well I have no idea.

I went through my regular nap time routine: books, walk for a few minutes, but instead of putting her in her crib, I brought her into my room and we lied down on the bed together.  I rubbed her hair and closed my eyes.  Not two seconds later I feel a chubby little finger poke me in the eye.  "Eyes open"  "No Isabella we're going night night.  Shhhhhhh."  I feel wiggling, I hear giggling.  She's jumping on the bed.

I wasn't prepared to give up my lovely visual of a co-nap.  So I scooped her up and walked with her for a bit, until she put her head on my shoulder and was drifting off.  I carefully cradled her on the bed, no sooner than my head hit the pillow she's up and trying to jump again, "I jump I jump I jump" she screamed.

I was tired.  She was getting more excitable by the minute.  So we each napped.  Me in my bed and Isabella in her crib.  But she hasn't seen the last of me...I will get that co-nap!
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Desi said...

hahahh I can't co-sleep either. It never turns out. Except for the last 3 days. Liv is a teething nightmare and wakes up in the middle of her night and won't go back in her crib. Well, I can force her too, but the result is screaming as if someone was hurting her.

Lil'Misa said...


You'll get that co-nap when she is old enough to understand and she'll want to do it. I co-napped with my mom, I have lots of great memories of napping with her. I hope you have those too with Isabella.

Shanee said...

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