Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snapping Out of It

I talked recently about being in a craptastic rut. I just wasn't myself at all, I really felt like I was just sinking.  Like my ass might literally merge with the fabric of my couch.  But good things are on the horizon and I think I'm snapping out of it.  And I think it was mostly because of this past weekend.  All week I was dreading this weekend because it was jam packed.  When you're in a rut, jam packed doesn't make you smile.  But it was filled with a lot of "have to's" so I kind of, well, had to.  And what I started out dreading, I actually wound up loving.

Friday after spending some time with Isabella my girlfriend, Jen, and I went to Atlantic City.  We got all dolled up with makeup, heels, and dresses had a delicious dinner at The Palms and then headed out to a nightclub for some dancing.  We had fun there talking and dancing for about an hour or so until it got really crowded and we looked around and realized that we were probably the oldest ones there.  It was full of young, firm things with skirts up their whoo-ha.  It just wasn't our scene.  So we went to this Irish Pub where they had a live band and we sang and danced like maniacs until 3 am.  We got some room service and crashed.  It was so nice to have a night out to cut loose and it might have been just what I needed.  That and about 5 cocktails.

I got home early Saturday afternoon and spent a lazy day lounging around with Isabella and Andy.  After her nap we took her to get her Christmas pictures taken.  Then we had a casual dinner and I put her to bed.  After she was sleeping I headed out to Sushi Samba in Manhattan to celebrate my cousin, Christina's, engagement with my girlfriends.  It was a blast.  I usually don't eat fish, but the waitress custom created our menu and it was delish.  There was 8 of us and we polished off 5 bottles of wine.  It was so good to laugh with my friends and talk about all the stupid things we've done together.  So nice to feel connected to the people I love and who love me.

Sunday morning we had a fund raiser at The Brownstone (which should sound familiar to you if you're a fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey).  It was breakfast with Santa and there were clowns and giveaways, and Christmas trees and Isabella loved every second of it.  She loved playing with Daniella, she loved the attention the staff lavished on her, and she loved her new red, patent leather mary jane Christmas shoes.  The only thing she didn't love was Santa.  She wasn't scared of him, she just couldn't be bothered to stop watching the clowns long enough to sit on his lap.  Sunday night we spent relaxing and playing.

It was wonderful and exhausting and just what I needed to start snapping myself out of my rut.


Oh and the winner for the Blind Date tickets was Mich and you have been contacted by e-mail.
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misssrobin said...

Sounds like a great Christmas present to yourself. Good for you.

Ginger said...

sounds great!! I think it's so easy to get burned out this time of year (though I haven't read your post about the rut yet, just speaking in general), and it's so good to see you got to go out with your friends!!

Sometimes, I think it's hard to get out there, but once we do, it's rare we regret it. :o)

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