Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Games That Children Play

Children play games like Hide and Seek, Barbies, blocks, which is great but there have been a number of games that Isabella has designed a number of games that you won't find stocking the shelves at Toys R Us anytime soon.

There's the Yucky Girl game.  This involves Isabella doing the most disgusting things she can possibly think of, like rubbing yogurt in her hair, drinking bath water, picking her nose, farting, and smearing food on her face.  Then she laughs maniacally and says "yucky girl, yucky girl."  Doesn't she know that being yucky isn't cool?  She's going to grow up to be that weird kid in kindergarten who eats paste!

Then there's the ever famous Fall Down game.  This is when she jumps around like a nut case then says, "careful, don't fall" and then she pretends to fall and she rolls around on the ground.  Then she fakes crying and I have to give her a hug.  This game is so funny and cute for the first 15 minutes, but when you're into the second hour of it...not so much.

Not to be out beat is the I Throw It On the Floor and Laugh game.  Which, if anything is going to send me into the looney bin, it's this game.  This is when Isabella holds her food or her fork over the side of the table, looks at me and throws it on the floor.  Then she laughs until she sees the death look on my face and says "bad, bad, bad.  No, no, no."  But that doesn't dissuade her from doing it again at the next meal time.

And last, but not least is Mess.  This "game" entails Isabella taking a big bag of blocks or the basket with her play kitchen food and dumping it out and saying "mess, oh hi mess."  Then we sing the clean up song and pick it up.  Once it's all clean we do it all over again.

Fun times!
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Rachel said...

Sounds like fun for the whole family...except Mama..eventually she will find other things to make you mad uh mean entertain herself. :)

Sazz said...

I think I'm scared for life to have 2 babies that will be toddlers soon!

Saucy B said...

I admit, I was happy to say goodbye to the toddler years. Good thing they're so extra cute at that age!

Alethea said...

Try to enjoy it!

Mine is almost 10, very hormonal, and in the eye-rolling stage now. Her dad and I were walking past the toddler clothes in Target a few nights ago, and I wistfully asked, "Remember when C was 2 or 3, and how hard we thought parenting was then?" Then we both burst into hysterical laughter at our naivete.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am pretty sure that you could market that disgusting girl game : )

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