Monday, January 31, 2011

I Need... update my buttons on my sidebar.  There are so many awesome blogs that I read and love and I'm all "I need to add their button" but then the procrastination side of me takes over and says, "oh later" and later never comes.  I need to get on this. start reading and commenting more on blogs.  I've been slacking lately and I miss a lot of you like I would miss a dear friend.  I need to catch up on your lives. start spending more time on my mommy board.  Miss my GPM's and I want to get back in the loop.  Maybe I'll start by actually making that video. start calling my real life friends more often.  I also need to be caught up on their lives and dramas. better plan my Weight Watchers points for dinners out.  It's like I lose all sense of will power and control when I'm out to eat and I need to get a handle on that. upload my pictures and post them on here so I can show you how cute Isabella looked at her cousin's birthday parties the past two weekends. do laundry...AGAIN!
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Dani G said...

Ummm, hellooooo? I've got a pretty great blog AND a super cute blog button! Just sayin' ;-)

Ginger said...

Awww...I need to do laundry too. IT NEVER ENDS!!

Alex said...

The busy life of a mommy. Just get it done girl!!!

differentbreed said...

I passed the basement door so many times today thinking I should get down there and do some laundry. I decided to blog instead! LOL

I have an award waiting for you in my blog:


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